We all have to begin our journey somewhere. I grew up on a caravan site in the mountains of Norway, 850 meters above sea level. As a child I struggled with my own self-worth, and limiting beliefs. My issues turned into an addiction for video games led to self-isolation and overweight. And also bullying.

Entering teenage years I developed a love for alcohol, tobacco and Coca Cola. My way of coping reality. Things had to change, but I lacked the insight to see it myself. 

The universe works in clever ways. After graduating from college, I got a job which I literally hated. I remember crying in the evenings, fearful of going to work the next day.

Suicide was an option I strongly considered.

Needless to say, that‘s not what happened (I am truly grateful for not choosing the easy way out today).

I had heard about this tough military service on the border to Russia, as a cousin of mine had been there and survived. So I decided to submit an application. 

Five days later I was on the airplane on my way to Northern Norway.

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