After losing 55 pounds in the Norwegian Armed Forces, I started working offshore within the oil and gas industry. This was a job I very much enjoyed, but after a while I became more interested in consciousness and the mental aspects of the job rather than the job itself.

I ended up living a double life.

During the free periods, I learned mindfulness and started to question EVERYTHING. I became a regular practitioner of kundalini yoga, I joined long retreats at a Buddhist center nearby my apartment. I enrolled healing and mediumship courses, learning how to contact the spirit world. Not socially accepted within a masculine work environment.

December 2018 I decided to quit my job and become aligned with my true self.

Through this 11-year journey of self discovery and spiritual growth I have let go of my painful past, dropped labels that didn‘t serve me, and become free from the unwanted mental software I got installed as a kid.

This is my calling. This is what I am passionate about. I would love to contribute help you align with your higher self as well. If one person can do it, anyone can do it.

I welcome you to Mind Academy.

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