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Thanks for being here. My purpose in life is to help people release themselves from mental suffering. 

Way too often mental suffering is a barrier that we unconsciously place in front of our selves, that holds us back from the life we dream of living. This not only affects us, but also the people around us.

The purpose of Mind Academy is to empower others, so that they too can become free from their past pain and past negative experiences. To help people realize their true potential and how to bring that into reality.

We all have to begin our journey somewhere. I grew up on a caravan site in the mountains of Norway, 850 meters above sea level. As a child I struggled with my own self-worth, and limiting beliefs. My issues turned into an addiction for video games led to self-isolation and overweight. And also bullying.

Entering teenage years I developed a love for alcohol, tobacco and Coca Cola. My way of coping reality. Things had to change, but I lacked the insight to see it myself. 

The universe works in clever ways. After graduating from college, I got a job which I literally hated. I remember crying in the evenings, fearful of going to work the next day.

Suicide was an option I strongly considered.

Needless to say, that‘s not what happened (I am truly grateful for not choosing the easy way out today).

I had heard about this tough military service on the border to Russia, as a cousin of mine had been there and survived. So I decided to submit an application. 

Five days later I was on the airplane on my way to Northern Norway.

After losing 55 pounds in the Norwegian Armed Forces, I started working offshore within the oil and gas industry. This was a job I very much enjoyed, but after a while I became more interested in consciousness and the mental aspects of the job rather than the job itself.

I ended up living a double life.

During the free periods, I learned mindfulness and started to question EVERYTHING. I became a regular practitioner of kundalini yoga, I joined long retreats at a Buddhist center nearby my apartment. I enrolled healing and mediumship courses, learning how to contact the spirit world. Not socially accepted within a masculine work environment.

December 2018 I decided to quit my job and become aligned with my true self.

Through this 11-year journey of self discovery and spiritual growth I have let go of my painful past, dropped labels that didn't serve me, and become free from the unwanted mental software I got installed as a kid.

This is my calling. This is what I am passionate about. I would love to contribute help you align with your higher self as well. If one person can do it, anyone can do it.

I welcome you to Mind Academy.

Company Name: Mind Academy Audun Lindhjem
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