Order 1-1 Energy Treatment

When we were born we were whole. We had no limitations in terms of learned errors or shortcomings. As we grow up, we unconsciously install mental software such as limiting beliefs and low self-esteem.

Through self-awareness you are able to reprogram this software and once again feel whole. Most of the work is done through Online Courses and by reading articles in the News Archive. If you combine these with energy work you may find that the transition to feel whole happens faster.


The treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs $80. Payment via PayPal. Full instructions will be given via e-mail in advance of the session.

This is a test project as I normally offer this service only to people living in Norway. I provide this service strictly to contribute you in your personal development.

Please fill out to schedule a date and time, and I will get back to you.


Energy treatment is a comprehensive treatment method. In general, the treatment will work with the cause of the problem more than with the symptoms. The treatment does not replace school medicine / medical assistance.

Questions regarding medical assessment may need to be addressed with your doctor as I do not diagnose. Any use of medication must still be coordinated by agreement with your physician.


When it comes to the online courses and the energy therapy service, I have a confidentiality agreement. Neither information about participants nor what is shared between us will be shared with anyone else. 

I took my first course in energy work in 2016. I have completed 50 hours of education within science, ethics, communication and social science related to the treatments. I regard myself as being capable to assist you in your personal development.


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