You came here to consciously evolve.

Allow me to assist you in your personal development.

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For years I struggled with the feeling of being stuck in my story. I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, nor how to break free.

One day the discomfort became so great that I only had two options left: 1) Either take responsibility for my own life and change the situation, or 2) Log out from the game.


According to World Health Organization a new person commits suicide every 40th second on a worldly basis. In Norway alone, around 600 people end their life voluntarily every year. 2/3 of these are men.

I could EASILY become part of that statistic.

The reason I chose to stay put was because of something I learned at a young age: A lesson will repeat itself until learnt. And since I'm a believer that when we die, we reincarnate, I thought: Fuck! Better complete the lesson now that I've come this far, rather than take the "easy way out" having to go through the whole process all over again.


For the next 15 years I learned listening to and follow my intuition in order to let go of resistance and to really start enjoy life. In retrospective I found the transition from a tough life to an amazing life simple to achieve, yet not always easy to execute.

I quit two well paid jobs that did not feel right, overcame addictions from alcohol, tobacco, video games and Coca Cola, lost 60 pounds in twelve months, split apart from friends not supporting my life choices and broke free from years with frustration, anxiety, fear and procrastination to mention some.

I am not here to change the world. I'm just a humble guy with great respect for the journey I have been lead through. My biggest take away from it all is that I think it's TOTALLY FUCKED UP that people commit suicide. If only they had known what I now know.



I prevent that people end up in depression and commit suicide, through expressing and sharing my love for personal development and growth.
MY STRONG CLAIM is that the more fucked up story people are going through, the bigger their potential to realize their own greatness.


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Nothing personal. But it's not.
This is for people with fight.
And minds tougher than their bodies.
They're not interested in being the best.
All they care about is besting themselves.
They're no nonsense. No hand-holding.
No sugar-coating.
They're in pursuit of something bigger.
With like-minded people beside them, a smile on their face.
If that sounds good,
then maybe I was wrong about you.


There are those who stay trapped struggling their entire life based on an illusion. If that's how someone wants to spend their reality, huge respect to them.

The moment it gets dangerous, is if the suffering turns into a downward facing spiral. Once the snowball starts rolling down that path, it demands way more energy to stop the momentum of it, instead of breaking the pattern in advance.

My intention for Mind Academy is to contribute so that people don't have to end up down that path. And if the shit hits the fan, I am more than happy to assist you out of it. Consider me your friend.

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