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YOUR LIFE Is For YOU To Live! 12.02.2021 →
Are you sure the people you meet in life are awake as you, and not just playing roles/reacting on autopilot, pretending to be conscious? When spending time watching YouTube, you are aware the videos are recordings, right? The videos may appear as though they are happening live while you are watching, but while listening you are the only one being awake. If you woke up and saw that everyone in life played a script in the same way as when watching YouTube, how would you live differently?

Nothing In This World Lasts Forever 12.01.2021 →
All the physical possessions you have worked your ass off gathering, will one day dissolve and return back into nothingness. Life is a constant battle between construction and deconstruction. The building you call "your home" requires maintenance, otherwise it will decay and fall apart. The same goes for your body. Your body renews every 7th year, and one day even your body will disappear. What dream do you carry within, that you urge to express and get out, otherwise you feel dead inside?

You May Not Be Able To Save The Entire World, But... 11.29.2021 →
You can influence some. Start small. Be kind. Kindness is the new cool. What would you love to contribute with? To express, share and give to the world? There is no point wanting to change the world, if you are not willing to transform yourself. Once in a state capable to help others, start with those that seem like a good match for you. If you are a girl weighing 60 kg, and there is a guy that weighs 120 kg that needs to be lifted, leave him to someone else. Focus on those you would love to help.

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