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You Are Responsible For Your Own Happiness 01.21.2022 →
There is one thing worse than not having any direction in life: To have goals and dreams, and not take action. The feeling is there to guide you what direction your soul wants you to go. In order for you to find true happiness in life, you have to follow the feeling. There is no way around it. Even if it feels frightening at first: As soon as you follow the feeling, you will start to feel more alive and vibrant than ever before. Suddenly you will gain energy by doing what you do, instead of being drained by it.

What's The Purpose Behind These Articles? 01.19.2022 →
Since I don't sell anything, you may have asked yourself why I publish these blog posts on a regular basis. I use this platform mainly to develop my creativity. If the seeds I share create ripples within you, that is just a bonus. Change is a natural result of exploring personal development and self actualization. After thirteen years in the same apartment I have decided to move to another part of Oslo (February 1st). Once settled, I will gradually transition into creating videos instead of written articles.

Your Past = Your Education 01.17.2022 →
One thing I find extremely fascinating, is that each individual on the planet has a unique perception of life. You may have heard the expression "The school of life", which points to the education you receive by learning from your experiences, both good and bad, rather than a formal education. Based on what situations you have been through since birth, your curriculum will be completely different from everyone else's. What you find boring or normal about yourself, others may find inspiring.

Do You Consider Yourself Street Smart? 01.15.2022 →
With more than 40 trips to Thailand, I can relate the question to how I was treated by the locals living there. On my first trips, my body language was uptight, as I felt nervous travelling to a new country. Needless to say, the taxi drivers ripped me off, and the street vendors scammed me. Through getting to know the culture, I felt more and more at ease, I started to loosen my shirt, and was suddenly treated a totally different way. Would you rather be pure and innocent or live life as a gangster?

Being Perfect Is Impossible 01.13.2022 →
Striving to only experience the ups in life is a trap, as the feeling will always steer you in the direction of neutrality. It is in the balance between the positive and negative you find genuine appreciation for life. Always trying to be perfect, is like having an instrument only accepting the high tones. What is perfect, anyway? From my perspective, being imperfect is perfect. To fully allow yourself to be the real you, without trying to change your behavior or your looks in order for someone else to like you.

Self Care Is Not a Luxury 01.11.2022 →
In today's society, self-care is a priority and a necessity, not a luxury. You may perceive it as being egoic and self centered, I consider it a tool to survive. If you are not taking care of your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health these days, you might end up with a depression. Remember to take care of yourself through listening to your inner voice what you need. We may try to impress by sharing the best versions of ourselves; It is only by sharing our authentic self we connect & evolve.

Where Your Attention Goes Energy Flows 01.09.2022 →
Have you ever reflected on how we all perceive life differently, or do you think every human being share the same model of the world as you? If I had lend you my unique view of reality for a day, you would have seen the world from a totally different perspective, than the one you are currently experiencing. From a scientific point of view: Energy flows where your attention goes. Said in a different way: What you focus on you experience. Luckily it's possible to change your world view consciously.

Without Proper Food And Liquid, The Hero Will Not Thrive 01.07.2022 →
A lot can be said about nutrition, and how it affects our body and mental health. If you constantly eat processed dishes and junk food, this will without a doubt make you feel heavier and more drained in the long run, versus if you eat healthy food and drink water instead of soda. Soda may give you a temporary boost due to caffeine and sugar, but on the downside it affects your sleeping pattern negatively as well. YouTube is a great source for simple time-saving recipes for healthy meals.

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