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Replace Focus On Your Painful Past With What You Have Learned 01.06.2020 →
Here's the hard truth. We all faceplant from time to time. We do stupid things, or horrible things happen to us. SO MANY PEOPLE are absolutely devastated by their past. But it doesn't have to be like this. You need to take control of how you think about your past. If you focus on the pain, the pain will grow. Start focusing on what you have learned instead. As they say, never let a good crisis go to waste. Take advantage of it. Learn from it. Be proud that you survived. Admit it: You're a badass!

What Matters Most Is How You Feel When You Are Alone 01.05.2020 →
What matters in life is not fame, wealth or admiration. But how you feel when you're alone. Lasting happiness does not come from external affirmations in the form of the number of "likes" on facebook or compliments from friends and family. If you dislike your story then rewrite it. If you had woken up tomorrow with a memory loss. Would you feel differently if you were told you were a fighter pilot instead of a municipal worker? OK. It's a cheap tricks. BUT it works. Just try it. Be a fighter pilot today.

Who Are You, REALLY? Have You Ever Thought About That? 01.04.2020 →
Who are you? Really? Have you ever taken the time to properly think through that question? Are you happy with the idea that you are your name, your age and your professional title? One thing that fascinates me is that very few people care about finding answers to the big questions in life. What if I told you that you are a conscious being in development mode. Which is shaped and created by your experiences in this reality which is a temporary experience. The reality is more than you think.

You Have The Same 24 Hours A Day As Everyone Else 01.03.2020 →
Good news when it comes to linear time. No matter what your circumstances look like, you have the same 24 hours a day as the richest person in the world. The difference lies in how you plan your day and whether you use the time to your advantage. It all boils down to your habits and boundaries. What if you swapped an hour of couch time each night with working toward a big goal you've always dreamed of? What would your life look like in five years if you spent your time more effectively?

Status Rapport On A Planned Online Course 01.02.2020 →
Registration for the online course "Road to lasting happiness" is up. The next startup will be March 1st. Feel free to sign up for the waiting list to get notified next time the course starts. The reason it is not possible to sign up all the time is because it is a 7-week program with live videos. In other words, you have to attend all seven weeks to get full advantage of the content. In addition, I want to assist members as much as possible on the path to lasting happiness. You are welcome to join March 1st.

New Year's Day, Just Another Day Or a Moment Of Rebirth? 01.01.2020 →
First New Year's Day may be just another day for you, or it can be a turning point, a moment of rebirth: the end of an old life and an old decade, and the beginning of a new life with more inner tranquility, presence, prosperity and love. The choice is yours. And while most people don't even care about the idea of ​​changing their lives and setting sail for better horizons, you and I both know that you're not like most people. When you first wake up in this dream called Life, all things become possible.

The Past Is Just a Memory And The Future Just a Fantasy 12.31.2019 →
The last day of this decade is a fact. What we often don't think about is that the past is just a memory and the future is just a fantasy. The present moment is where you want to be. In fact, life consists of this one moment ONLY. The future will never come. It will always be now. It is not what you did in the past that affects the present. How you deal with the present releases the past and changes the so-called future. Be present in the moment and your perception of time will show itself differently.

125 Years From Now, ALL THE PEOPLE On Earth Have Been Replaced 12.30.2019 →
In 125 years, most of the people who live on earth today are most likely not alive. Neither you, me, nor any of the people around us. It will be a whole new population. All people will be replaced. Yet we take life for granted and live as if we are to live forever. Death will one day happen to all of us. This is one of the topics covered in the online course "The Road to Lasting Happiness". Not to scare you. But to wake you to the idea of ​​following your dreams NOW so you won't have to regret it later.

You Are A Powerful Conscious Creator! Don't You Ever Forget! 12.29.2019 →
Reality check! Even if we have only one life, it does not mean that we need to cling to the past. Our past is ONLY A HISTORY. We are conscious creators and can reprogram our lives at any time. I think many people are afraid of change. Not because they are afraid of the unknown. But because they are afraid of losing what is known. Now that we are entering a new decade. Are you happy with the life you live? What will your life look like in five years if you continue in the same direction? Wake up.

Introduction To The News Section Mind Academy 12.28.2019 →
I want to keep people up to date with what's going on. Both when it comes to developing courses, but also otherwise what‘s going on in everyday life. I have therefore created this Latest News section. You can find outdated news updates on my old official site, Official v1.0, as well as No Sense. Note: I was a different person back then and have changed my mind about a lot of what was written. The content is in Norwegian. Please use Google translate if you are English-speaking and curious. :-)


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