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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life 04.15.2020 →
A quick reminder not to take your life too seriously. I see it nearly daily. People honking and being angry behind the steering wheel of their car, people giving me "the look" on the street. Remember, life is just a temporary experience. How you feel on the inside is how your reality is being perceived. Most of the time we cannot control what happens outside, but we can always control our reactions. The trick is to figure out how to gain self mastery of your mind. Change your thinking, change your life.

How Spiritual Growth May Change Your Life 04.14.2020 →
Personal development & spiritual growth are truly an amazing category. I decided to update the About Audun-section today. In that context I realized all the sudden how much I have changed mentally just the last couple of years. Even though you are struggling now, doesn't mean you always will. There are different types of growth experiences. Some are visible to the naked eye, yet others needs to be gone through and integrated before we can understand their impact and how they affect our life.

You Are Your Daily Habits 04.13.2020 →
Let me tell you a secret. I haven't switched on my television this whole year. It's a really nice television, a 55" Samsung. Right now I have a picture covering it up. Does that make me weird? What is your first impression? Let me tell you another secret. By adding marginal adjustments to your daily routine, you are able to do so much more than you could ever imagine. Don't expect to achieve your dreams by clinging to your old behavior. I'd recommend check out this TedTalk by Stephen Duneier.

Quality Is More Important Then Quantity 04.12.2020 →
Status on the upcoming online course: I am working daily on brainstorming and gathering content to the creation of the new course. I have no intent to rush the publication just to earn some extra money. My intention is to deliver a valuable product that transforms, not only informs. The good news though, is that it is on the drawing board. And I promise you, it is going to change lives. More information will come when the release date is set. While you wait, here's a great clip from Bob Proctor.

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend 04.11.2020 →
It's a special occasion today. My younger sister has her birthday. 35 years ago, she decided to join the party, and manifested into being. She has become my best friend and a person I am truly grateful to have in my life. Here's a clip sent to our parents when we went skiing couple of years ago. There's a saying: "If you have one true friend in the world, you are very rich." Who do you consider your best friend? Any why? Today would be a great opportunity to surprise them with a cheerful message. :)

How Not To Be Anxious About The Future 04.10.2020 →
Today I want to talk about money. Not lack of money, as most of the population are concerned about, but the quite opposite. If you had enough money that you were set for life and you wanted to study something in a formal setting, what would it be? Would you continue in your current job, or would you change occupation? How would your life look like if your finances were not an issue? How would you feel? Suppose I gave you $ right now. Would you still be anxious about the future?

Memento Mori - Remember You Will Die 04.09.2020 →
"I have got the Corona-virus. This may be one of the last posts you will read from me". This is of course not true. I am not sick, nor do I have the intention to die yet. One thing I would like to point out with this though, is the awareness of death. The great warriors from ancient times used to keep the phrase "Memento Mori" fresh in mind. Meaning, remember you will die. Keeping their mind sharp on the battlefield, and to get the most out of life. How would you live your life if you only had ten years left?

Don't Take Life Too Seriously 04.08.2020 →
If we as humans are as amazingly engineered as scientists show us, how come so many of us suffer in life? My interpretation is that we have a tendency to take life way too seriously. We get attached to our character and forget that our life experience is a temporary manifestation. If you have ever heard the expression Body, Mind, Spirit. That's actually three profound words, as they depend on each other to create the best result. Balance the three, and you will have a better chance for a happy life. 

Human Beings Are Biological Creatures 04.07.2020 →
As human beings we are constantly growing and evolving on a subconscious level. You get an entirely new skin every two-three weeks. The body replaces itself with a brand new set of cells every seven to ten years. That means your whole body is constantly being renewed! We don‘t even have to breathe by ourselves, the body does it for us. When the body needs water or food it reminds us by the feeling of thirst or hunger. You can compare us with a plant that needs maintenance to survive.

Why People Don't Follow Up Their New Year's Resolution 04.06.2020 →
The main reason people don't follow up on their New Year's resolutions, is because they don't change their behavior from an identity level. Suppose you want to quit smoking, instead of trying to quit the behavior smoking, it is much more powerful to start envision yourself as a non-smoker. Once you get the future identity integrated, the behavior change is a peace of cake. Couple of great questions to consider: Why does this goal matter? How does the movie scene with my future self look like?


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