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How To Find My Dream Job 05.05.2020 →
Just because you have skills in one area of life, doesn't mean you have to have that as an occupation for life. I had a sense of achievement in my previous job offshore. No matter what task was thrown my way, my team and I were able to solve it. This does not matter much though, if the job is not aligned on all levels. A great question to ask yourself: If you were to life forever, would you still want to stay in your current job? What needs or desires have to be met for you to feel fulfillment in your job?

How To Bring More Fun Into Your Life 05.04.2020 →
When was the last time you had fun? Two of my biggest values in life are playfulness and curiosity. It helps bring more fun into my life. A powerful method to incorporate more fun into your life, is imagining yourself as when you were 10 years old. And then visualize this 10-year old suddenly wake up in your body as an adult. What would your 10-year old self do if he or she woke up in your body today, with all your knowledge and life wisdom? How would it behave? Remember to have fun!

Goal Setting Compared To Football 05.03.2020 →
Goal setting can in many ways be compared to football. When learning the fundamentals you must expect to encounter lots of trial and error. The errors are not infinite though. They show you where you need to improve your game in order to become better. Similar to football, if you plan on tackle your way across the court without any players supporting you, you must expect to encounter more obstacles than if you were to play as a team. Goal setting is as football, more fun when done with others.

Own More Than Seven Things, The Things Will Own You 05.02.2020 →
There is a saying: "If you own more than seven things, the things will own you". I am currently in the process of selling old stuff from my apartment. I was not aware how huge of an impact it has on the energy until now. For not to mention my attachment to the actual items. Letting go of things that has been well hidden in drawers and cabinets for years without being used feels like such a relief. Probably one of the best decisions I have made all year. Fresh start, new beginning. Recommend to try it out.

How To Quiet Your Monkey Mind 05.01.2020 →
Creating a mind map for your life, can be beneficial if you lack clarity and focus. As soon as you get things out of your mind and onto a peace of paper, your monkey mind tend to relax as you don't have to dwell upon your thoughts. The more specific mind map, the deeper clarity you will gain. If you aren't practicing it already, I'd recommend start journaling. In the beginning just write whatever is on your mind, and throw or burn the paper afterwards. It has the same effect as decluttering your home.

Your Outer World is a Reflection of Your Inner World 04.30.2020 →
The reason why personal development is so powerful, is because the outer world is a reflection of your inner world. If you are resentful and angry towards your environment, the environment will mirror that right back at you. If you on the other hand achieve deep inner peace, no matter what situation is thrown your way, will just bounce right off you. This is something that needs to be experienced to be understood. It is not possible to get a thorough understanding of this without gone through it. 

Number One Reason Why People Suffer 04.29.2020 →
Once you start appreciate life, each sunrise becomes a blessing. Each day a new adventure. If you look at it from an objective point of view, each new day is in fact a completely new experience. Reason why so many people suffer, is because they have trained their mind to mentally suffer. And once that brain pattern has been created, they get drawn to the same way of living, day after day. Imagine how life would look like if they trained their powerful mind to look for solutions instead of problems. :)

How Kindness Can Change Your Life 04.28.2020 →
A random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a tremendous impact on someone else's life. Treat everyone with kindness and respect, and you will find your existence shift for the better. Gratitude and seeing the beauty in others, is a great way to connect to people at a deeper level. You shift from surface chit chat to a soul to soul connection. You get in touch with your emotions and appreciate them more. You start see the world in a different way. Small things can make a big difference.

Pushing Through Life is a Waste of Energy 04.27.2020 →
Why push through life when you can dance through it. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion. If you aren't able to be financially supported by your passion yet, I'd recommend you to implement your passions into your free time. An exercise you could do, is to write down on a piece of paper all the things that lights you up. And start prioritizing those activities in your daily life. It's the small things in life that makes you happy. Consistent practice.

How Pride Can Be a Good Thing 04.26.2020 →
I get deeply inspired by people who are passionate about their occupation. That means they are aligned with their true self and have found their purpose in life. One of those individuals is Rune Hammerstad. He is one of my best friends, living his passion as a photographer in Oslo. You may have a look at some of his work in his photo archive. I would recommend check out the "Levd Liv" folder. Where he focuses on portraits of people who have been through a rough cold winter night before.


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