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One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Your Higher Self 05.25.2020 →
Living a misaligned life is the worst feeling. I remember being employed in a corporate job where I had a lack of caring about the company's purpose and mission. I was unaware of it at that point, but looking back, the reason why I chose working there was mainly due to the paycheck. Now, gotten into a more heart-aligned occupation I have finally arrived where I wake up with enthusiasm and energy each day. It all boils down to trusting your gut instinct of what feels right and wrong at a deeper level.

Purpose Driven Life versus Pretending To Care 05.24.2020 →
Are you familiar with setting deadlines? We are often good at setting deadlines at work, making sure we successfully fulfill our tasks before a given date or time. We tend to forget the most important deadline though, the one that revolves what we want to achieve and experience before our passing. What gives you a sense of fulfillment? What would you like to be remembered for? People tend to overestimate what can be done in one year and underestimate what can be done in seven or eight years.

Your Degree Of Willingness To Change Changes Everything 05.23.2020 →
How come some people succeed in life, while others struggle just to survive? What it all boils down to are the stories we tell ourselves. And how much pain we allow ourselves to accept. Sometimes people with the worst pasts end up creating the best futures. Often because they reach their tipping point, the point where they have had enough. I have personally experienced several of these critical moments, and they have all changed my life. This is gold: The story about the dog sitting on a nail.

Number One Reason Why People Don't Realize Their Dreams 05.22.2020 →
If I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself? Most people have their attention on everyone "out there", and neglect the most important person in their life. How would your life transform if you suddenly became 100 times more confident? Suppose you have a big dream or a goal you would like to achieve within your lifespan. Would confidence change your approach towards it? If so, now you know what you need in order to close the gap.

How To Measure The Value Of a Human Being? 05.21.2020 →
Impressing others by improving your looks feeds only your ego, and is not serving anyone. The more you get attached to the person you imagine yourself to be, the further away from your true self you become. I am currently letting my hair grow as an experiment to kill what's left of my ego. How someone looks should by no means affect your respect for them. A person living on the streets is as worthy a human as someone famous. Yet, people walk straight past them and pretend they are not there. - Adult Playground For Personal Growth 05.20.2020 →
My goal for is to create an adult playground, where you can enjoy the pleasure of short articles on topics related to personal growth and enroll online courses that contributes enhance your experience of life. I don't expect you to agree on everything I share, but hopefully some of it may inspire you to see life from a different perspective. I am currently editing the daily posts into individual articles. The News Archive was renewed today, both English and Norwegian version.

How Physical Exercise May Benefit You 05.19.2020 →
The most efficient form of sleep is deserved sleep. As your cell phone, if you put it in the charger with a battery status of 80%, it won't do any difference. The same goes with your body. You want to lower your energy level below 40% before you charge it. This is where physical exercise come in handy. By provoking maximum heart rate, you get the energy flowing through your whole system and cleanse your body for toxins. Your body is your vehicle while maneuvering this earth. Take good care of it.

How To Improve Your Quality of Sleep 05.18.2020 →
When you sleep, you energize your body. You charge it up with new energy for the next day, in many ways similar to your phone when you put it in the charger. The quality of your battery-pack (how much energy you have available), is influenced by many factors. Whether you live your passion, the condition of your mental health, physical health, what kind of food you digest, whether you drink enough water, get enough air, exercise, meditate etc. What is the condition of your battery-pack?

Celebrating Norway's Constitution Day in The Shadow of Corona 05.17.2020 →
Today is a unique date in Norway. We celebrate our constitution day. We dress up in national costumes and walk in parades all over the country. It is mostly an event for the children, as they get to eat as much ice cream and hot dogs they would like and play social games in the streets. At least, that's how we celebrated when I grew up. This year will be different though, as we are not allowed to have big groups of people gathered together due to the pandemic. Anyway, Congratulations Norway.

How To Break Free From a Miserable Life 05.16.2020 →
A lot of people are not aware how to improve their lives, so they end up living the same life they have always lived. Yet, they complain and wish for something better. The most effective way of improving your life, is going out of your comfort zone. Also called the growth zone. Your comfort zone is the familiar. Your growth zone is the unfamiliar, the new, and the different. If you stay in your comfort zone you are only repeating what you already know. While if challenge it, you may learn something new. 


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