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Are You Addicted Without Being Aware Of It? 06.04.2020 →
Imagine a life without electricity, your smart phone, television and Internet. Would you be able to cope with a reality like that? The fact is, that's how our ancestors used to live back in the days. And how a lot of people live their lives even today. It's wise to have some awareness of how many hours you invest on your screen each day, as it can quickly turn into an addiction and a really bad habit-loop. Would you be able to live one week without screen-time? How would you spend your days differently?

Why You Ought To Heal Your Past 06.03.2020 →
Growing up, I remember getting bullied and yelled at if I made mistakes. Which made me constantly trying to please everyone to protect myself from embarrassment and loud noises. I became scared of making errors, and let down golden opportunities for growth, like learning new skills or even meet new people. Deep trust wounds like these can haunt you for a lifetime. Do you recall any childhood memories that may have influenced your current lifestyle? I will cover this in the upcoming online course.

It's About How Much You Can Get Hit And Keep Moving Forward 06.02.2020 →
A helmet is made to be used. It is not created to be stored on a shelf and become dusty. This metaphor describes you as a human as well. We are made with feet and arms for a reason, for them to be used. When we go out on the battlefield called life and take a beating, we get back up again, brush the dust off us, and continue. The more challenges we face and concur, the stronger we become. Eventually we will be able to stand on top of the podium and look back: That was one hell of a ride!

Each New Month Can Be a Rebirth ... If You Choose To! 06.01.2020 →
Why settle with one celebration a year, when you can have twelve? At your birthday you level up to the next stage in your life, kinda like in a video game where you go from Level 5 to Level 6. In between though, you have twelve perfect opportunities to reset and perform a restart of your character. The benefits are huge: You get to reconnect to the present moment, conduct a reality check to check whether you are aligned, adjust your focus towards your goals etc. By that, I wish you Happy Birthday!

The Price You Pay For Staying At Home 05.31.2020 →
Human beings are not designed to stay indoors all the time. I discussed this with a homeless on the streets, and he agreed. He was confident staying trapped in a cubical is a big reason as to why people struggle with their minds. It fuels anxiety, insomnia and the dry air may lead to illnesses such as respiratory problems and skin diseases. My personal experience is a significantly increase of freedom when connecting to the ocean, where I have been working most of my life. Conclusion: Get out in the sun!

Change Is Inevitable. Growth Is Optional 05.30.2020 →
The only constant thing in life is change. The most powerful way to pursue life, is to plan way ahead. And at the same time appreciate unforeseen challenges coming your way. How would you react if life threw you a curve ball tomorrow? Suppose you had to move. Are you open to change? If life had been predictable from birth to death, it would have been terribly boring. Constant progress and character growth is what makes you feel alive. As a matter of fact, this is what your life is all about.

Have You Forgotten Mother Earth? (Homemade Video) 05.29.2020 →
Nearly everything in your life is man-made. Especially if you live in a city. Imagine if our ancestors had a different imagination, how our world would look totally different. Grown up in a small village up in the mountains, I often compare my previous life vs the reality I am experiencing now. A stressful city made up of concrete, pollution and noise versus a calmer lifestyle connected directly to mother earth. Camping off grid is a great way to shift your mindset, like this fishing trip with a super friend of mine.

This Dove May Set You Free 05.28.2020 →
I have a couple of doves visiting me regularly outside my living room window. They are constantly caressing each other and having sex. Couple of weeks back, they even built a nest at an abandoned balcony in the apartment building next door. What's fascinating is that all animals share the same consciousness as human beings. In the same way as different types of batteries contain the same type of energy, all living beings share the same life force. How does life look from a dove's point of view? :)

Adjust The Sails To Reach Your Destination 05.27.2020 →
It is vital to take a reality check from time to time and course correct when life gets misaligned. I have been sharing quotes on Instagram the last couple of months. When posting yesterday I realized the content was not good enough. I will therefore take a break from Insta and invest time create my own material instead. The News Section will still be updated every day. Feel free to drop by whenever you'd like. And remember to take a reality check on your own, to check whether everything feels aligned.

A Well Hidden Secret I Would Risk My Life To Share 05.26.2020 →
You may compare your ego with a walnut. The bigger the ego, the harder the shell. If you want to get to know yourself at a deeper level, you will have to separate the shell so that you gain access to the kernel inside. Unfortunately, today's society encourage our minds to stay busy all the time, by stimulating our senses through deliberately designed advertisement and entertainment. Consume! Watch television! Obey! Stay asleep! Break this cycle and you are one step closer your higher self.


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