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The Value Of Your Daily Struggles 06.14.2020 →
Would you rather just receive all the things you want in life on a silver platter, or do you enjoy the challenge chasing them? Suppose you compete as an athlete, and could just walk up to the podium and collect your gold medal. Wouldn't that steal some fun of it? I'd say, the depth of your struggles will determine the height of your success. There are no right or wrong in life, only experience. The true value of your daily struggles is not overcoming them, but the person you become in doing so.

Coffee Is a Drug. A Warm Delicious Drug 06.13.2020 →
How many cups of caffeine do you drink per day? For the last couple of months, I have been experimenting how coffee and tea affect my nervous system differently. I meditate regularly, and what I have noticed is the days I consume coffee, the body is more tense. On days drinking fresh green tea, which also contain caffeine, my body is calm as a cucumber. The same goes for my deep sleep. If you have a hard time sleeping at night, I'd suggest experiment lowering your caffeine intake. Worth a try.

The Key To A Happy Life 06.12.2020 →
What has given me the most fulfillment in life so far? Setting goals and achieving them. The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. Obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off the price. As soon as you set a goal which means the world to you, your daily struggles won't do you no harm, as it's the thing behind them you aim for. Stop what you are doing for a moment. It's a matter of life and death: What must happen for 2020 to become the best year in your life?

How To Reprogram Your Mind To Become Unstoppable 06.11.2020 →
Are you a victim of the program or the creator of your life? You create your own reality. And if you don't create your own reality, it will be created for you. Most of our habits happens subconsciously. The way to reprogram your mind to become unstoppable, is either done through hypnosis or repetition. You may view your mind as a dog. If the dog was not properly trained as a puppy, it will be more challenging to develop it as an adult. But you can always teach an old dog new tricks.

Hello, My Name Is Audun. Who Are You? 06.10.2020 →
When I was a child, I was given the most simplistic idea of reality there is. "This is a bird. This is a rose." Upon which my focus on the name tags distracted me from experiencing the true complexity of the actual objects. Even humans were simplified. "Oh, that's just Carl". Yet, when we take a closer look, "Carl" is just the folder name. Double click the folder by getting to know him and you will get a glimpse of the content. The world is far more complex than you would ever imagine. So.. Who are you?

You're Never Too Old To Become Younger 06.09.2020 →
The reason why people become boring when they grow old, is because they stop exploring life and reinventing themselves. They have an expectation of how life looks like after a certain age, and live up to that norm. Remember: Age is just a number. You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. Whether you fall in love when you're 20 or 60, the feelings are still the same. Your mind still as sharp. Meeting a new date is just as exciting. You decide every day: Forward or backward.

Don't Die With Your Music Still In You 06.08.2020 →
Have you ever thought about moving somewhere new where no one know who you are and start all over again? What kind of experiences would you like to have during your lifetime? What types of memories would you like to acquire? Suppose you fast forward your life till the end and look back at it. Nothing has changed. Would you be satisfied with what you have achieved so far? My point is, don't delay living your passions, because eventually it will be too late. Start your pursuit of happiness today.

Have You Seen Your Daily Struggles Through The Eyes Of a Fighter? 06.07.2020 →
UFC 250 took place in Las Vegas this weekend with Amanda Nunes and Felicia Spencer as the main event. It's impossible to describe the mental toughness you need to be fighting among the best in the world. Envision for a moment you step into a cage and the crew locks the door behind you. Your task is to beat the human being in front of you or to be beaten. You fight for the world title, no other person is better at fighting than your contender. And you find your daily struggles to be tough?

Life Is Like Riding A Bike, To Keep Your Balance You Must Keep Moving 06.06.2020 →
Let's play: Compare your body with a motorbike. You are the driver of this powerful vehicle. You are in charge of the steering wheel, throttle and brake. YOU get to decide where you want to drive, what you want to achieve and how fast you get there. Most people drive the same route over and over, until their lives become a daily routine. Your vehicle needs service every now and then, as well as periodically care in terms of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual refill. So.. What's your destination?

Most Men Live Lives Of Quiet Desperation 06.05.2020 →
One thing I find disturbing is the fact that so many people commit suicide. Globally, close to 800.000 people choose suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. I remember pondering the option in my youth, and when things looked dark it was not a friendly place to be. If you are reading this and considering it yourself, this a sign that you should pick life instead. Even though you have a wicked period now doesn't mean things can't change. Above the clouds the sky is always?


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