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The Reason Why You Haven't Become a Millionaire Yet 06.24.2020 →
There's not coincidence that kids who grow up in wealthy families tend to stay financially abundant also when they get older. It's all about their inner belief in themselves and what standard they are allowing. Words and phrases commonly used by less fortunate people are not even in their vocabulary. Instead of focusing on their challenges, they envision already having what they desire. This allows co-creation with the universe to magnetically attract the life they imagine living. Where is YOUR focus?

Life Goes On 06.23.2020 →
Have you ever lost something you really appreciated? Yesterday I decided to sell my precious motorbike. I bought it back in 2016, and have spent countless hours and dollars restoring it. What I realized though, is that nothing last forever. Clinging to the past, and in particular physical objects and other people are only hurting us. True freedom comes when you let go of attachment. Appreciate what you have in your life right NOW and be aware that one day it will all disappear. Then, let it go.

Reconnecting With Friends From Past Lives 06.22.2020 →
Couple of days ago I reconnected with an old friend of mine from high school. We hadn't heard from each other in nearly 20 years, and were really close back in the days. The funny thing was, as we got on the phone, it felt like we hadn't separated a bit. We also noticed a lot of synchronicities as to how we live our lives and the way we reconnected. Which made me think of soul friends. Friends whom we run into through several livespans. Which of your friends do you imagine being soul friends?

The Biggest Mistake People Do In Life 06.21.2020 →
Are you avoiding pursuing your dreams fearing you won't reach them? Maybe you have tried before and failed? "What would other people say in case I don't make it?" Let me tell you a painful truth. Not attempting, not trying is even worse than failing. Envision arriving your death bed looking back on your life (this day will one day eventually show up): "You know, I had this big dream, but I was too coward to go after it". The biggest regret older people have, are the chances they never took. Wake up!

You Reap What You Sow 06.20.2020 →
A lot of people complain about their circumstances, yet do nothing to generate a change. You may have heard about cause and effect. The consequences of your actions will eventually catch up to you and you will have no choice but to accept them. In order to create a different outcome, you will have to take different actions. There's no point in whining about a bad back if you spend most of your time on the couch watching TV. What result do you want, and what actions are needed to get there?

We Are All Monkeys On a Rock Floating Through Space 06.19.2020 →
At times when life is difficult, a great mind trick is to zoom out and view the world from a larger perspective. Unless someone is playing a serious trick on us, we are actually floating through space on a gigantic rock. Connecting to this idea alone ought to change how you perceive your daily struggles. The world is your playground. How you behave and what you get out of this experience is up to you. Are you playing small or being the best version of yourself? Consider up your game and aim higher.

Know Your Worth 06.18.2020 →
Living next door to one of the biggest shopping streets in Oslo Norway, I am constantly being bombarded with items on sale. 30% discount! 50% discount! Buy now! Don't let this offer get passed you! Which makes me wonder: Are the items truly on sale, or is the discount price the price the dealer wants for it? Putting things in perspective: How much are YOU worth, compared to physical objects? Do the people surrounding you appreciate your worth, or do they treat you as if you were an object on sale?

What's Your Thoughts About Reincarnation? 06.17.2020 →
Let's face it. We're all gonna die some day. That's a plain and simple fact. Have you ever thought about reincarnation? A lot of people are into that idea. That a living being starts a new life in a different physical form or body after death. If that's the case: What good would it do for any human being to commit suicide, only to experience it all over again? Instead of throwing in the towel, my advice would be to heal your current past experiences and start building your character from where you are today.

When Reality Meets Your Expectations  06.16.2020 →
Can you envision a dog when its owner comes home from a long holiday? My local gym reopened yesterday after being closed for 3 months due to Covid 19. I didn't have any expectations as to how it would feel going to the gym again. Oh man. After 30 minutes on a treadmill group session being pushed by an instructor, I experienced an overdose of endorphins. The mental clarity and sense of achievement was indescribable. Don't underestimate the power of physical activity. Get moving!

Imagine Being Stranded Alone On a Deserted Island.. 06.15.2020 →
What two things would you bring and why? It needs to be realistic, so you can't bring an endless supply of drinking water or food. And you will have to carry it yourself, so it can't be a house or something of that scale. Are the things you would bring items you use in your daily life? If not, why would you want to bring them to the island? What feeling would you get, having them nearby? Is this a feeling you lack in your current reality? How can you integrate more of this into your everyday life?


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