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The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul 07.04.2020 →
When was the last time you looked someone deep into their eyes? The body language of a person may reveal a lot, but not as much as their eyes. Body language is possible to manipulate to hide one's true self. The eyes on the other hand never lies. They reveal your character, your strengths and weaknesses, how awake you are (your level of consciousness), whether you are stuck in your thoughts etc. I'd recommend to focus on other people's eyes today and see if they perceive you differently.

Are You a Worrier or a Warrior? 07.03.2020 →
Each time you say yes to an opportunity, you say no to something else. The warrior is free and prioritizes what he wants. The worrier is limited and fears what could go wrong. We have an endless amount of opportunities to choose from in life. Both in terms of our career, physical environments, hobbies, relationships, friends, and even family. Not choosing is a choice as well. The familiar is often what is stopping our true happiness. What you pick is what you get. Choose wisely. Life is ticking away.

Do You Love Your Job? 07.02.2020 →
Unless you have a job you truly love, I can't find many reasons why become an employee. For us to find deep meaning in life, we need to have an underlying purpose for what we do. Sure you can use money as an excuse for staying in a misaligned job. Will that fulfill your personal values, though? Are you even conscious of your values? Fast forward to your deathbed. You have just exchanged most of your living hours for money and a few holidays. It's time to check out of the game. How does it feel?

Self Awareness Is The Key To Success 07.01.2020 →
40 to 95 percent of human behavior - how we think, what we say, and our overall actions, fall into the habit category. In other words, we are more or less unconscious machines running on autopilot most of our lives, unless we make an effort controlling our own destiny. By raising your self awareness and living more mindfully, you are able to break free from this cycle. The most efficient way to do this is to step out of your head and start observing yourself. The best dreams happens when you're awake.

Do You Believe In Magic? 06.30.2020 →
Suppose I told you that black magic exists and that I can prove it. Would you believe me? Magic is often described as using supernatural forces to make impossible things happen. Like levitation, spontaneous healing of sickness, communication with dead people, teleportation of objects, manifestation etc. Reason for asking, is because most people live their lives as though what they see is what they get. If you don't look for magic you will never find it. If you start looking for it on the other hand ...

Treat Your Body Like It's a Supercar 06.29.2020 →
Your physical body is your vehicle throughout this lifespan. The way to maintain this amazing machine is through nutrition and physical exercise. If your main source of nutrition is junk food, it will eventually clog your arteries with plaques and reduce blod flow. Needless to say, this will of course affect your energy levels and overall physical condition. Suppose you treat your body like a Ferrari instead. What would it eat? Would you place it in front of the TV each night, or rev it's engine with daily activity?

Dare To Be Great! 06.28.2020 →
How come some people become their best version and succeed in life, while others fall of the wagon and never achieve their full potential? One possible answer, is that they fear their own greatness much more than they fear being insignificant. It's no secret that it takes a lot effort to step out of your comfort zone and pursue your inner desires. You might even lose some old friends along the way. What is most important though? To stay stuck with friends you have outgrown, or to attain fulfillment?

Are You In Control Of Your Own Life? 06.27.2020 →
Being stuck in a situation you don't like, wishing you'd be somewhere else, signals you are not in control of your life. By taking full responsibility, you would have figured out a way on how to move forward towards your goals. Dreams without goals, are just dreams. If you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done. Failure is a powerful teacher to course correct your way forward. If you don't fail, you aren't even trying. Constantly adjust your course towards your goals.

Subjective vs Objective Reality 06.26.2020 →
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. You can separate your experience of life into two categories: Objective and subjective reality. Your outer reality (what humans perceive as being the world) is objective since this is something we all have in common. Whereas your experience of reality is subjective since it is filtered through your mind shaped from childhood. The million dollar question: Does an objective reality even exist, since we all experience reality subjectively? Or is it just an illusion?

Why Do Animals Exist? 06.25.2020 →
Animals have many purposes. They can be used for transportation, for sport, for recreation, and for companionship. A lot of animals are a great source of nutrition as well. In China, they even eat dogs and cats. Have you ever questioned why they exist, though? Do you think about animals regularly, or do they exist mainly outside of your consciousness? We can always question an animal's intelligence compared to ours, whether they can think or not. Personally I like animals. How about you?


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