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A Powerful New Perspective On How To View Your Life 01.16.2020 →
There is a powerful Norwegian saying with lots of wisdom to it: "The road is created as you walk it". You can compare every day with a blank canvas. Every day you are given the opportunity to paint something new. Your past experiences are the colors you have available. You can mix different colors to create new experiences you haven't had before. Life doesn't have to be a drag. There are millions of different images you can paint and directions you can go. Focus on creating a masterpiece. 

How To Break The Habit Of Being Lazy 01.15.2020 →
Change your habits and you change your life. We are halfway through January already. How are your training goals for the new year? If you lack motivation, I recommend testing out micro-habits. Which in short means setting yourself up for success ahead of the time you normally chicken out. Prepare the exercise bag the night before. Attach the new habit to an everyday habit. Eg. "after a light dinner I go straight to the gym". Then it‘s important not to overthink. Tell yourself 4-3-2-1. And just do it.

My Fascination For Material Arts And Why I LOVE IT 01.14.2020 →
One thing that has always fascinated me is martial arts. Especially when they go as far as MMA where almost everything is allowed. Hard training, courage, patience and, not least, a "growth mindset" are required to reach the world top. That's why it's extra fun to have Norwegian names likeJack Hermansson and Kenneth Bergh in the UFC. This weekend, Conor McGregor will be back after being away for over a year. Here's a little video from when I tested out martial arts in Thailand a few years ago.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Change 01.13.2020 →
Do you have ambitions for the future or are you happy with your life the way it is now? People with a so-called "fixed mindset" often fear change because they are afraid of making mistakes and be perceived as a failure. People with a so-called "growth mindset" on the other hand dare to throw themselves into the unknown because they experience meaning in overcoming new projects that require work. You're being judged anyway. So better do what you enjoy and what makes you happy. All the best.

Your Degree Of Presence Affects How Quickly Time Passes By 01.12.2020 →
One subject I have reflected upon the past week is presence. And how electrical devices such as cell phones, computers and TV affect our degree of presence. Often our consciousness disappears into the devices and we lose sense of being alive. You can compare it to a meaningless stare out in the open, where you gaze on nothingness and stop thinking. Your degree of presence affects your perception on how quickly time passes by. Anchor your awareness on the breath and the five senses. 

How To Become Passionate About Something You Are Not Passionate About 01.11.2020 →
Follow-up to yesterday's post: The good news is that once you become aware of this, it can be changed. Either by switching job to one you are really passionate about. Or by changing the way you think. Both methods will transform your life. Something as simple as playing with the imagination has a tremendous effect. What if you think that every day you wake up really is the same day? That your memory is reset every morning and that you get thousands of different ways to play?

You Don't Pay For Holidays With Money. You Pay With Hours Of Your Life 01.10.2020 →
Finally! Friday and weekend! That's how I perceived it. For a long period of my life, I lived for the weekends and thought everyday life was miserable. There are 52 weekends a year. Subtract the hours you sleep, eat, watch TV etc. and you don‘t have many hours left. If you live for the holidays time will run away from you. You flee unconsciously from the present by wishing you are somewhere you are not. You do not pay for your free time with money. You pay with hours of your life.

How To Stop Worry About What Other People Think Of You 01.09.2020 →
Are you concerned about how other people perceive you? Do you have an inner idea of ​​what the perfect human being looks like and measure yourself up against these expectations? Imagine how you look to a fish. Wobbly body that can't even swim properly. Do you think a fish looks at another fish and thinks, "That fish wasn't very pretty. Haha, look at that swimming style". The media has created an outer body ideal for making money. Ultimately, we are all perfect beings. YOU ARE PERFECT.

Physical Activity - A Cheap Investment To Prevent Depression 01.08.2020 →
Attended my first "indoor running" group session at the gym yesterday. Thirty minutes of interval training on a treadmill. If there's one thing I would recommend to maintain stable mental health, it's physical activity. Although I don't always feel like exercising, I look at it as a cheap investment to prevent depression. It can be compared to going to the dentist. Not always as nice when it is on, but it feels very good afterwards. Especially now in the winter. Long-term gain versus short-term comfort.

How Would You Behave Differently If This World Actually Was A Dream? 01.07.2020 →
What if I told you that reality is not what you think? What if I told you that life is really a dream? Why is it made so real that we experience it as true? How would you behave in a dream? In the same way as you do in life? Would you waste hours in front of the TV screen day after day, week after week? Or would you seek out the excitement? Chasing your dreams? What you've always dreamed of? The theme of what is true reality is addressed in "The Road to Lasting Happiness". Startup March 1st.


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