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Covid 19 - A Golden Opportunity For Personal Growth 07.24.2020 →
Considering the mortality rate in Norway is about 0,45 percent, I personally don't view the situation as a pandemic anymore. The chances of getting sick are slim to none. And even if you get sick, it's a 99,55% change that you survive. You now have a golden opportunity to heal your fears, as fear is the biggest enemy in this situation. What is the underlying reason for your fear? Death is possibly the biggest of them all. By clinging to your fear of dying, you suffer. By letting go, you become free.

What Is Thinking And How It Affects Your Life 07.23.2020 →
Have you ever thought about the essence of thinking? Thinking comes from memory. Without memory you wouldn't think, as you wouldn't had any experiences to think about nor compare future events with. Your beliefs about your future stems from your memories. Thinking can trigger emotions which may influence your actions. No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying will better the future. It can actually have the opposite effect. As energy flows where attention goes.

Always Have Something To Look Forward To 07.22.2020 →
What drives me in life and makes me happy, is always having something to look forward to. It's especially important now during Covid 19. It does not have to be sensible at all, for instance the cup of coffee tomorrow morning, the feeling after a hard workout, meeting people you've never meet before. And once it has been enjoyed and accomplished, find something new. Don't lose hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet.

Let's Talk About Racism 07.21.2020 →
Grown up in a small village with only 180 inhabitants, jealousy and talking behind other people's backs was the norm. Similar to racism, this is all learned behavior originating from fear. No one is born hating another person because they are different. It all boils down to ignorance of who we truly are. From a cosmic perspective, we are all one consciousness. You are the universe experiencing itself as a human for a little while. Whether labeled black or white does not change the experience of being alive.

Never Stop Playing 07.20.2020 →
Even though it's Monday and a new workweek for most of you, why stop the good feeling you had through the weekend? Happiness is an inner feeling, and not dependent upon outer circumstances unless you say it is. People don't stop playing because they grow old; They grow old because they stop playing. Taking life too serious is why people get depressed and suffer. We are not on this planet to suffer. If you suffer, it is the universe trying to push you in a different direction. Wake up.

Life Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint 07.19.2020 →
Working schedule most of my past, I have always been a procrastinator in my personal life. Suppose I have had 2 weeks to get an assignment done, and I have normally delayed it until the last few days. The challenge is life tasks with no deadlines. For instance getting in shape, keeping in touch with family, apartment renovation etc. Luckily I have a system in place now, which has solved the problem. If you're a procrastinator, I would check out today's video. Maybe you recognize yourself. ;)

Are You Disabled? 07.18.2020 →
Yesterday I had a bicycle trip through town, and observed three disabled people on different occasions. Which made me think about how lucky I am who have a body and mind that function properly. This allows me to get wherever I want on my own. I can walk, run, climb, jump, swim. You name it. With a healthy body you are free to do whatever you want. This is not the reality for everyone, as the body is fragile. When was the last time you appreciated not needing someone else's help to get around?

Don't Let Your Emotions Make Your Decisions 07.17.2020 →
In every moment we have a choice. We can either choose an easy option or a more challenging one. What a lot of people do, is to let their emotions make their decisions. "Hmm, should I go to the gym or play video games?" Which one feels best right now? What feels best right now, don't always pay off in the long run. Instead of always going for what you desire, why not ask yourself what will this activity do for me in the long run? Will it support my journey in life, or postpone my goals and dreams?

Happy Birthday To Me 07.16.2020 →
Most people rush through life as though it has a destination. Life is meant to be lived in the moment, not for some future goal way out there. An old chapter has just been laid down in my life, and a new chapter is to begin. I celebrate my birthday not to confirm that I get older, but to acknowledge and celebrate that I am still alive. Constantly connecting to the present moment. Looking forward to what is next. Thumbs up to you for reading this. That means you are alive as well. Wish you a great day!

On Being a Man 07.15.2020 →
There are a lot of misconceptions on being a man. When phrases like, "Act like a man! Don't show vulnerability! Toughen up!", are what we learn when growing up, no wonder why men lose touch with their emotions and become bad at communicating them. Personally I have no issues talking about spirituality or that I care about someone. And I don't consider myself less of a man for that reason. Pretending to be 100% masculine just to get other mens approval, is from my point of view a weakness.


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