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Genuine Listening - The Key To Human Understanding 08.03.2020 →
Every human being is unique. Some like to talk a lot, while others are more quiet and prefer to stay in the background. Giving someone your full attention, without judging, without thinking or being distracted by your physical surroundings. That's when the you are able to connect to the other person at a deep level. We often have a hard time giving someone our full attention. How about strengthening your focus today by genuinely listening to the people you communicate with. It changes everything.

The Difference Between Fear And Excitement 08.02.2020 →
Whenever a news reporter asks an athlete "How do you feel" ahead of an event, 9 out of 10 times the answer will be: "I am excited" rather than "I am nervous". Fear and excitement shows up in the same way. And they are feelings you can control. Whenever you feel afraid or anxious about the future, you can choose to feel excited instead. As they both share the same symptoms. Personally I am curious and excited about what the future will bring, rather than being worried. How about you?

How YOUR Energy Affects Others 08.01.2020 →
You may have noticed how your mood changes for the better when you are surrounded with positive and outgoing people. And how exhausting and draining it can be to spend time with people who are negative and always complaining. Have you ever thought about your own energy, how you impact others? You are an important piece of the puzzle as well. Life is not just about how others influence you. You affect them as well. Radiate joy, and the tension may loosen and eventually dissolve.

The Art Of Letting Go 07.31.2020 →
Are you in control of your inner state, or do you get affected by your surroundings? Suppose someone comes up to you and yells at you in anger. Do you tense up your body and meet them at their level, or do you observe the situation from a neutral perspective? Letting go of muscle tension and even of your thoughts is a skill that can be strengthened. As a matter of fact: This is your natural state. Once you reclaim and master your inner peace no one can touch you energetically. You are free.

Finances, CHECK! Now What!? 07.30.2020 →
Most of my life I have been very fortunate, having a job with decent payment. Nevertheless, I have always had a scarcity mentality with the urge of earning more, as that was the mindset to the ones closest to me. When your finances are secured and taken care of. Now what? Do you always have to spend all of your money, so that you are stuck in the rat race, living from paycheck to paycheck? Is that the purpose of living? To merely survive? Have a look at today's video for new insights.

Your Relationships Changes Everything 07.29.2020 →
A relationship between two loved ones often goes through 5 stages: Attraction, dating, disappointment, stability and, finally, commitment. What people often don't think about: You have a relation to EVERYTHING in your life. A relation to your income, your body, your thoughts, your health, to your home and even to the world. Is the world a hostile place, or do you trust reality to be on your side? Changing your relationship to something is way more powerful and a lot easier than changing the items.

Time Is An Illusion 07.28.2020 →
You may experience time as linear, when in fact it is not. Time is only a reflection of change. From change, our brains construct a sense of time as if it were flowing. In reality all events are simultaneous. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are happening all at the same time. Our limited minds are not able to grasp this profound concept though. Just look at when we shoot films for the movie theaters. We add 24 still pictures per second and "magically" it becomes a movie. It certainly looks real, that's for sure.

Becoming Aware Of Awareness 07.27.2020 →
The difference between living on autopilot and being fully present in the moment is how you perceive reality. Being aware of awareness is something you can spend your whole life exploring. Going down that rabbit hole will take you places you did not know existed. Who is it that's aware that you are thinking? What is hiding behind the person you imagine yourself to be? Focus on your breath for a moment. What is being aware of your breath? Can you observe the awareness observing your breath?

Living a Minimalist Lifestyle 07.26.2020 →
What is your idea of success? The amount of zero‘s you have at the end of your paycheck? Having more stuff? There‘s more to life than bills, money and work. Do you respect people with a big salary more than other people? That's such a destructive path to go down. Giving that this life is going to an end. Imagine a life with less stuff. An intentional life. Not a perfect life. Not an easy life. But a simple one. You don't need all this stuff. It is not the answer. Love people and use things. Not the opposite.

How To Become The Best Version Of Yourself 07.25.2020 →
Consciously deciding to better yourself not only serve you, but also the people around you. The most efficient way to evolve as a human being is taking consistent action in experimenting, adjusting and adapting new habits. For the last week I have eaten pizza and ice cream every day, just to see how it affects me. What I discovered was that my energy level at the gym was way lower compared to when eating healthy. Examine old patterns, acknowledge flaws, then adjust to get better results.


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