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Develop Your Mental Toughness 08.23.2020 →
People are not born mentally tough. Mental toughness is developed by experience. Development of mental toughness has no age limit, nor is it limited to a specific gender. When mental toughness is attained, no one can take it away from you. I strongly believe you are capable of so much more. You have the same amount of hours a day as the biggest celebrities out there. How come they manage to accomplish so much? What separates you from them? The answer is not out there. It's all in your mind.

Everything In Life Happens For a Reason 08.22.2020 →
Have you ever experienced something tragically which has turned out to be a blessing? Everything happens for a reason, yet not everything can be explained until you see it in retrospective. Eventually all things fall into place. Even this Covid thing. All tragic events and mistakes learn us something. As a matter of fact, they are our greatest teachers, as we mature and develop our consciousness. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

Do You Live In a Friendly Or Hostile Universe? 08.21.2020 →
Let me tell you a secret. Although I may not know you, I still consider you as my friend. Even when I go to the store, instead of looking at the person behind the counter as a stranger, I consider them a friend as well. What if you imagine everyone around you to be your friends? And when communicating with them, you show interest and curiosity in how they are doing? There are no strangers, only friends we have not yet met. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change ...

Stop Acting Like a Baby 08.20.2020 →
Time for some tough love. "2020 has been the worst year in my life". How is that? I remember when I was a little kid. If I didn't get the things I wanted, I got upset and started crying (literally acted like a spoiled brat). Do you see a similarity here? When we get attached to the outcome of how we imagine our future to unfold, we suffer when things don't go our way. What if you accept 100% wholeheartedly whatever happens instead? By letting go of what is outside of your control, you find inner peace.

The Importance Of Having a North Star 08.19.2020 →
In the same way a GPS tells the driver where to navigate to get the car to a destination, you should have a north star for your life as well. If your north star/your destination is filled with passion, no matter what obstacles come your way you will be able to overcome them. A north star without action is merely a dream. Action without a north star just passes the time. A north star combined with action changes your perception of reality. Keep your eyes on the price (your north star) and trust the process.

Start Each Day As a New Future 08.18.2020 →
My life slogan: "In search for durable fulfillment of happiness, success and freedom". Life is a journey. It is the journey that is the destination. You are already where you want to be. The way to stay happy in the pursuit of wealth is to enjoy the present moment. Each day is a new canvas. Each morning a fresh start. Your mind and body are the tools that makes you creatively unique. Many people are imprisoned by their past, by doing what they have always done. Break free by breaking the pattern.

Being Naked Is a Strength 08.17.2020 →
To me, being naked means to be vulnerable. To accept perceived flaws, and not being afraid to share them with others. We all know someone who pretends being too tough to talk about their insecurities or what they are afraid of. This is all ego. It is first when you share and discuss deeper subjects in life you are able to connect at a deep level and start the process of becoming a better version of yourself. If you are solely communicating about surface stuff, your relationships in life will remain shallow.

Knock Knock! Who's There? 08.16.2020 →
Through communication with other humans, you receive feedback and gain new knowledge about yourself, which you digest unconsciously and make up your own interpretations around. Other people's opinions about you is just their viewpoint. It has nothing to do with you. They share an image of how they perceive you through their world image shaped from their childhood. The quality of the people you surround yourself with determine how you view yourself, as you see yourself through their eyes.

You Don't Get More Fun Than You Create On Your Own 08.15.2020 →
The amount of fun you experience in life is related to how much fun you create on your own. There is this guy on YouTube, Colin Furze, which is a great example of this. He creates all sorts of crazy inventions, like a homemade hover bike, jet bicycle and his latest creation, the ultimate garden swing. If your life is dead serious, consider use your imagination to generate more happy feelings. Life is ment to be celebrated and lived fully. Don't settle for a boring life unless you enjoy living a boring life.

Do You Listen To Your Body? 08.14.2020 →
Your body is your vehicle through this life. You are only borrowing it, kind of like renting a car. When you die, the real you will leave the body and continue on with a new life. Unlike rental cars, you are not able to pick your favorite brand or the condition of your vehicle. What you can do however, is to optimize the vehicle you have been given, to get the most out of it. Your body will tell you what it wants. If you don't listen, it gets sick for you to listen up. Do you listen to your body, or ignore its needs?


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