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MUST SEE: This 8 minute video may change your life 09.02.2020 →
One of my passions is to explore and view life through different lenses. So that reality doesn't stagnate and become ordinary and dull. One perspective which is very powerful, is the notion of reincarnation. Each day some people die and new people are born. Since linear time and space really does not exist. What if you are living the lives of everyone else simultaneous as this one, just in other incarnations? Please convince me why this can not be an option. Check out today's video for more details.

Improve Your Character By Observing Others 09.01.2020 →
Everyone you meet in daily life can teach you something, even homeless people. Who do you look up to? Your parents? Would you want to be like them or maybe the complete opposite? 50% yes 50% no? There are no black and white answers. By tuning your character through observing others, you can improve your character greatly. This is a scary path though, as the people you look up to often reveal what you lack. Eg. public speaking, being fearless etc. You can even improve by observing movies.

Rome Wasn't Built In a Day 08.31.2020 →
Developing a new skill set, gain self confidence, meet the love of your life and finding fulfillment at work all have one thing in common. They require patience. Rome wasn't built in a day, yet they were laying bricks every hour. Patience does not mean you can sit on your but and just wait for the results to show up. You will have to move in the direction of your desired future, for it to manifest into real life. Combine consistent action with patience and you can achieve nearly anything you want in life.

We Are a Soft Generation 08.30.2020 →
Reality check. Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times. Right now we are experiencing a generation who lack the self esteem and self worth you gain from going through hard times. Resulting in a society getting easily offended who expect to get what they want without having to work hard for it. If you have a goal or a dream that means the world to you, don't give up even though you meet some resistance.

Why Discipline Is More Important Than Motivation 08.29.2020 →
Motivation is what stimulates you to act to achieve a desired goal. This drive is tricky to sustain through your whole life. When times are rough, discipline is a great tool in order to keep the momentum going. A secret trick to integrate more discipline into your daily life, is by getting up early in the morning. By setting the baseline standard for what you'll accept at the beginning of your day, you will find yourself master other areas of your life better as well. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

The Absurd Notion Of One 08.28.2020 →
You may have heard the expression "oneness" which is a popular concept within spiritual societies and people like me who wants to get to the bottom of what life is really about. We are all separate beings, yet we are all one. Imagine going to bed tonight; In your dream you are a dream character. Your consciousness has created this dream character, in addition to the whole dream world with everything in it. Suppose our waking life is based on the same concept? Explanation by Tim Freke.

Are Rich People Happier? 08.27.2020 →
Your greatest measure of success is always going to be the level of happiness you live in. Not money. Not cars. Not things. I bet you know of at least one rich person who has gotten into drug abuse or bad behavior. This is just an indication that more money is not the answer. Sure, you get more possibilities and attention, but if happiness is not a part of your inner core, more money will only make you temporarily happy. Happiness is not having what you want. Happiness is wanting what you have.

Thinking Deprive You Of The Present Moment 08.26.2020 →
When you indulge in excessive thinking you are not connected to the here and now. In the here and now everything is perfect. If you're overly worried about the Corona virus, to the extent where these feelings take over your life, it simply means you are disconnected from the present moment. Start by focusing on the sensations in your body. Feel your hips, your legs and your feet. Then move the attention to your breath. By focusing on bodily sensations while thinking, you get a new perception of life.

How To Stop Overthinking 08.25.2020 →
The mind is like a super computer given to you at birth. Unless you are very fortunate, you have not been taught a beneficial use of your mind. As a consequence you were left to figure out on your own how to use your mind through the observation of others. Resulting in you becoming a passenger rather than the one in charge. The good news is that this is possible to reverse. By strengthening the mind through regular meditation you are able to regain control of your mind and find deep inner peace.

Are You In The Need Of a Digital Detox? 08.24.2020 →
The fact that you are reading this means that you are online. Internet can be a great information tool if used properly. The problem is, usage of the Internet is like the Wild West. There are no rules. Whereby companies specializes on how to increase your endorphin levels when using their software. Resulting in you and me becoming addicts without even realizing it. Imagine a life where you experience reality without your cell phone. Is that a freeing thought? If yes, I'd consider to do a digital detox.


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