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Breathe! 09.12.2020 →
Breathing is something we all do automatically every second throughout our whole life. Yet, most people are not aware of their breath, and how much it affects their mental state. A 10 minute breathing meditation each day where you solely focus on your breath (the sensation of the air going in and out through your nose), can literally transform your life. When new thoughts arise, gently direct your attention back to the breath. There is no need to be hard on yourself. Here is a couple of other tips.

Empowering vs Disempowering Beliefs 09.11.2020 →
Humans are meaning making machines. We attach meaning to absolutely everything. If you carry on with the made up story you tell yourself, it becomes fact in your mind and misshapes your behavior and decisions. Beliefs are not the truth. They are subjective interpretations formed by past events. The good news: You get to choose what to believe. That is your superpower. The more aware we are our own thoughts, ideas and feelings, the more we can harness and channel them to our advantage.

Thought Experiment: The World Is a Dream 09.10.2020 →
I invite you to participate in a thought experiment. Imagine the world as a dream, and that you're the dreamer of that dream. You can view it as virtual reality if that resonates better (think of the movie Avatar). Do you sense a shift in how you perceive the world differently? What goals for the future would you set to achieve in this new reality? 3 years from now. You are living life as a dream, instead of your old way of being. How does your new life look like compared to living in your old paradigm?

Why Seeking Validation From Others Makes You Suffer 09.09.2020 →
The foundation of your being is built upon your values. If you neglect what is important to you and create a life path based on the feedback you receive from others, you are constantly seeking validation before your next move. It is like building a house with a deck of cards. If some of the cards are dependent upon the approval of others, the core foundation is built on uncertain ground and at risk of collapsing. Who do YOU want to be? Believe in yourself. Don't doubt your decisions. Know who you are.

Personal Long Term Goal Challenge September 2020 09.08.2020 →
We often overestimate what we can accomplish in one day, and underestimate what we can achieve in one year. By setting a long term goal and sticking to it, you will find deep fulfillment in committing to your goal. The daily blogging activity is one of mine. I have published a new article each day since Dec 28, 2019, and will continue for the total of 365 days. My first milestone within martial arts, is to attend at least one competition within BJJ and eventually earn a blue belt. What goal lights YOU up?

Social Experiment - From Introvert To Badass 09.07.2020 →
Yesterday I signed up for a one-year membership at a local martial arts center. When I told my family they were not happy about it. One of them even said she hoped I wouldn't do it. Why are we so afraid of change? Of exploring new areas of life? And even supporting the people closest to us in wanting to master a new skill? One day this life will all be over. Should we just sit joyfully on a chair waiting for death to arrive? Don’t live the same day for 75 years and call it a life. Expand your horizon.

Loneliness vs Being Alone 09.06.2020 →
We have never lived as close to other humans as of today, yet depression, anxiety and suicide caused by loneliness is higher than ever. We need to separate feeling lonely and being alone. You can be in a relationship with someone and still feel lonely. And you can live in solitude like me and feel connected to everything. Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely. Spending too much time isolated is not preferable, as we are social creatures that relies on cooperation to survive and thrive.

How Deeply Do You Know Yourself? 09.05.2020 →
In order to sustain healthy relationships with others, you need to know yourself at a deep level. As the relation you have with yourself correspond with the depth of your relationships. If you are constantly distracting yourself with outer stimuli, and not set aside time to get to know yourself, your environment will regularly be testing you and pushing your buttons. Your trigger points are there to show you potential areas for growth. Once you have identified and neutralized your triggers you are free.

View Yourself Through Someone Else's Eyes 09.04.2020 →
Everyone has a unique experience of life. Each individual you meet have their own body to take care of, and a pair of eyes which they perceive the world through. The cashier at the supermarked, the waiter at the restaurant and the homeless sitting on the street. Imagine having lived their life up until this moment, watching yourself in the mirror each morning through their eyes. Observe your current being through their eyes. How would you have liked to be treated? Do you behave in that way?

We Often Divide People Into 3 Categories 09.03.2020 →
We tend to generalize by putting each other into 3 different boxes: 1 People we like (friends, family etc), 2 People we don't like (exes, co-workers, politicians etc), and 3 People that are neutral (strangers). Fun fact: Even the people you don't like was once a child. Even they have people around them who truly love them for who they are. Your ex which you previously loved has now become an enemy. How come you like some individuals while others not at all? Do you value yourself more than strangers?


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