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Small Talk 09.22.2020 →
What's your opinion about small talk? As an introvert, small talk is something I have always hated. I haven't seen the benefit in talking about the weather and shallow subjects that doesn't interest me much. When looking more deeply into it, the small talk serves as an ice breaker before engaging in more meaningful topics of the conversation. It allows you to pass back and forth different ideas to see what the person is interested in, and if they're interested in talking at all. And also in sensing their mood.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Senses 09.21.2020 →
By letting go of your thoughts and directing your attention inwards, you are able to utilize your senses at a much subtler level. You even get a 6h sense of intuitively knowing. This can be helpful in a lot of different scenarios. For instance when you are to make an important decision, what to do with your life etc. Some people call it your gut feeling, intuition, inner intelligence, inner guidance etc. The more you use this sense, the stronger it becomes. Learn to trust this and you will experience flow in your life.

The Most Exciting Way To Navigate Through Life 09.20.2020 →
Personally I find life to be extremely magical. There is a cooperation between the divine and us humans most people are not aware of. The universe conspires to reveal the truth and to make your path easy if you have the courage to follow the signs. So how many more signs do you need to confirm what you already know? Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn't lie. Life is taking you somewhere. Listen to the messages, they will keep repeat until you follow their call. The signs are all around you.

There Are No Coincidences 09.19.2020 →
On Monday I was at a gym downtown. Couple days later I received a text from the gym that someone training there the exact same period had been tested positive for Covid. This is not the first time similar events have happened to me. Like the offshore helicopter crash in 2016 where 11 people died (I was on the exact same helicopter five days earlier). Or MS Estonia that sank in 1994 where 852 people lost there lives. I went on the ferry prior to the event. Is it possible that there are no coincidences in life?

How To Become a Good Samaritan 09.18.2020 →
If you came across someone in the need of immediate help. How would you react? Would you do your best in trying to assist them, or walk away hoping someone else took care of it? Through mentally prepare yourself in advance how to react, it is a bigger chance you will do the right thing if the situation occurs, instead of having to live with regret for the rest of your life for not taking action. The latter is a painful lesson I don't wish for anyone to experience. Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.

The Triggers Are The Guides 09.17.2020 →
What triggers you are clues where to put your attention to unlock real progress in your life. The people that triggers you the most are the most valuable, as they allow you to better yourself and become whole. Your triggers are your responsibility. It's not the world's obligation to tiptoe around you. Reflecting on why you react in a certain way, allows you to become conscious of your actions. It's first when you become conscious and move through the pain, you can heal and create a different ending.

Knowledge + Action = Power 09.16.2020 →
When was the last time you shut your phone off completely? No, I'm not referring to the last time you put it on silent or even in flight mode. But actually shut if off by using the Power button and left it there. This action makes a huge difference in how your mind relates to your phone. And is a game changer if you want to enjoy, let's say a book, without distractions. They say knowledge = power. Knowledge is worthless without action. Challenge: Shut your phone off for 10 min & sense the difference.

Life Can End In An Instant 09.15.2020 →
Near death experiences can be extremely valuable, as you get to see how vulnerable you actually are. On Friday I had a swim out in the ocean in around 17 degrees Celsius. I swam for ca 10 min, and when I came back to the shore, my body temperature had dropped below what is considered to be optimal. It took me a 3 km bicycle trip uphill and two cups of hot water just to get rid of the shivering. You never know when YOUR LIFE is going to end. What do you want written on your tombstone? Potential?

You Are Designed To Grow And Evolve 09.14.2020 →
Everything that lives wants to grow until it reaches full development. A seed, for example, contains within its core not only the information that describes the final structure of the tree it is destined to become, but also the strategy for getting there. This is true for us human beings as well. You may call the world earth school. As we are here to evolve and to grow as souls. The path isn't a straight line though; It's a spiral. As you continually come back to things you thought you knew and see deeper truths.

The Mystery Of Life - We're All In This Together 09.13.2020 →
Life is dependent upon cooperation and co-creation. Without other humans, you would not have survived for long. When you were born (manifested into physicality) you were taken cared of by others, nurtured and clothed. Through education you were programmed what to believe to develop your understanding and communication with others. Due to others kindness, you now have food on the table and a bed to rest. Instead of being fearful, look at others with gratitude. As we are all in the same boat.


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