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Yesterday's You 10.02.2020 →
Yesterday's you is not who you are today. You are constantly evolving. Whatever you experience in a given state of being is not who you always are. Consider the world as a massive playground. Think back to when you were a kid. Don't you want to try everything on the playground? Or do you just want to try, let's say, the slide? And not even the big slide. Just the little slide. Time on earth is limited. What do YOU want to experience? We want to be fully conscious so that we can experience all of life.

What Is The Now? 10.01.2020 →
Think of all the possible things you could do in this exact moment. You could go visit a friend, you could build a tree hut, you could hijack a car and rob a bank. The options are endless. The now is an infinite continuum with endless possibilities in each and every moment. Our mind is so cleverly designed that we experience the now within the fraction of a second, yet our whole life actually happens all at once. Disconnect from your thoughts and connect to the now and you will find ultimate freedom.

Let's Play a Little Game.. 09.30.2020 →
If your life was a video game and you were the main character, would you waste your time worrying about how you look or the unknown events coming up? Personally I'd let go, and be excited for the challenges sent my way. I would try to achieve my full potential. Why stop at level 2 when you can get to level 9 with some effort? There are many similarities between life and a sandbox game. You get to decide what attributes to strengthen in your character, where to live, what hobbies to indulge in etc.

The World Ain't As Bad As It Seems 09.29.2020 →
We experience the world through our consciousness, so be careful what you feed your thoughts. If the media has convinced you the world is a hostile place, that's what you'll attract. As victims often radiant the feeling of being an easy prey. If you start to believe the world is a school for us to learn and evolve on the other hand. You are suddenly able to grow and get stronger. Which at the same time becomes your protection. Negative thoughts are not protecting you. They are making you smaller.

I have Met You Before, Right? 09.28.2020 →
Whenever you meet a stranger you feel a strong energetic pull towards, it's most likely a lesson to be learned there. Either in terms of you having a soul contract that you are destined to meet, or that you have a trigger, something that needs to be dissolved within. Some people stay with us for the whole life, while others are ment to stay with us for a shorter period of time, or through a stage in our life. If you don't learn from the first person, similar persons may show up until you learn the lesson.

Remember To Pat Yourself On The Back 09.27.2020 →
We all experience struggles and challenges of different calibers. Some people choose an easy path in life, while others a more challenging one. Before your higher self chooses to incarnate, he or she sets an intention for the life you are about to live. Your higher self holds the master plan, the reason why you are choosing to incarnate at this time. Your challenges are never bigger than your ability to overcome them. Every struggle has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the lessons.

The Benefits Of Having a Mentor 09.26.2020 →
Like in the TV-show "Who wants to be a millionaire", you have different options to get support in life as well. In the TV-show, you were able to Phone a friend, Remove two of the alternatives and Ask the audience. The most profound cheat-code I have found though, is having a mentor. Someone who has walked the path ahead of you, and knows the dangers so that you don't have to face the same errors as them. In martial arts for instance, having a coach is key for efficient progress and success.

Who Is The Real You? 09.25.2020 →
The real you is your higher self. Your higher self is your consciousness, your soul. To use an analogy, if you are a character in a movie, your higher self is the actor, able to take on many parts in many movies. Your higher self is anchored in the universe while you incarnate into different lives on Earth. You are playing a role right now, and when you are done with this life, if you choose to, you will incarnate again and play another role. But your higher self always remains in the universe and cannot die.

You Create Your Own Reality 09.24.2020 →
When lying on your deathbed looking back on life. What type of life do you wish to look back on? What do you want to be remembered for? You now have the opportunity to collect those memories by taking action. Unless you start taking action, your dreams will remain unfulfilled. This is one of the reasons why I quit my job offshore as well. I don't want to look back on life, knowing all I did here was to drill holes in the ground. Money is not everything. You can not bring money to the afterlife.

The Cave You Fear To Enter Holds The Treasure You Seek 09.23.2020 →
To upgrade your life to the next level, you have to seek discomfort and step outside of your comfort zone. There is no way around it. Most people live their whole life within the boundaries of their fears. What’s the point of living if you barely survive? The quality of your life is not measured by how many years you live, but by the moments that took your breath away. If you take one step outside your comfort zone, the universe will meet you and help you take the next, and the next one after that.


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