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People Gazing 10.12.2020 →
I remember back in the days when I was a regular pub crawler in Thailand. One of my favorite things to do was to carefully observe other people from a distance. And be completely fascinated by their uniqueness. By putting your attention outwards, and in particular towards other human beings, your self importance seize to exist. You don’t have to go to a pub to do this. It can just as easily be done at a cafeteria. Don’t judge. Just observe with curiosity, and study them from a neutral perspective.

A Friend May Be Waiting Behind a Stranger's Face 10.11.2020 →
Even though you may have had a rough childhood and maybe also been hurt emotionally in your adult life. Remember, 100% genuinely nice people still exist. People with no hidden agendas whatsoever, who just want the best for you, even though they don't know you. I have many of them in my social circle. Be careful not to judge strangers in advance, otherwise you may lose an opportunity to create a friendship. Strangers can become best friends just as easy as best friends can become strangers.

The Purpose of Music 10.10.2020 →
Life can in many ways be compared to music. The meaning and purpose of listening to a song is not to reach the end of the melody, but merely to enjoy the rhythm. If you are not present, you will not be able to experience and enjoy the true nature of the music. This goes for life as well. When you are constantly thinking about wanting to escape from your current reality to be somewhere else, you are most likely not connected to the here and now. Focus your attention on attention itself, you awaken.

Life After Death 10.09.2020 →
This is a subject I could talk for hours about, as I have had a huge interest in the topic for the last decade. As weird as it may sound, I believe in life after death. As a matter of fact, I communicate more frequently with my grandparents now than when they were alive. The day we leave our belongings on earth and our current life cease to exist, we will once again reunite with our loved ones on the other side. If you are new to the topic, I'd recommend the book "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton.

Beyond The Fog Lies Clarity 10.08.2020 →
Without clarity you can grind as hard as you want. But if you are heading in the wrong direction, all the grinding in the world won't get you closer to your dreams. Clarity is my theme for the current quarter. There are 85 days left of 2020. Most of the time you gain clarity not by zooming in but by zooming out. Lack of clarity creates chaos and frustration. Seen from a bigger perspective. Where would you like to be, end of 2021? In the same situation you are today, or in a completely different place?

Your Different Identities 10.07.2020 →
We all have a certain image of ourselves, beliefs about the kind of person we are. Yet, everyone have multiple identities, like race, sexual orientation, occupation, being a spouse, homeowner, employee, customer, shy, outgoing, confident, the list goes on and on. It is suggested that most people might have around 700 or so identities. You don’t need to play the same identity for your whole life, as the self is a mental construct. If you are tired of who you are being, why not change to a more fun one?

Masculine And Feminine Energy 10.06.2020 →
Regardless whether you're a male or female, you carry both masculine and feminine energy. Masculine energy is about doing. It is logical rather than intuitive. Keywords: Strength, independence, leadership, courage and confidence. Your feminine energy gets expressed when you move with the flow of life, embrace your creative energy, dance and play. Keywords: Compassion, empathy, nurturing, intuition and emotions. In a relationship, these two energies often fulfill each other, kinda like Yin & Yang.

Why Do We Argue? 10.05.2020 →
Every human being has a unique experience of reality. The further away your model of the world is from someone else's, the bigger challenge it will be to share what's on your mind and to be fully understood. A major communication problem today is that most people don't listen to understand. They listen to reply. Lack of communication often breeds assumptions of what the other person is thinking or feeling, and the assumptions are often incorrect. Conveying without raising your voice is a strength.

The Irony Of War 10.04.2020 →
We're all going to die, so what’s the point killing each other? The reason people experience suffering, is because they are too attached to life. Imagine you were told you only have one week left to live. How would you feel? How would you spend your week? Now you are told you have one year left to live. How'd you spend your time differently? Now, suppose you are to live until you are 80 years old. Why would you want to live differently now than if you knew you only had one week left on earth?

Life Is About Unlearning 10.03.2020 →
Imagine you keep pouring water into a cup even after it gets full. A lot of people today have had too much programming, so much outside programming that they have lost touch with their inner selves. This causes all sorts of mental delusions, like anger, jealousy, anxiety and exaggerated fears. Life is just as much about unlearning and relearning as learning new things. We need to maintain inner peace and practice self awareness in order to avoid our thoughts and emotions controlling us.


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