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Reflections On My Progress And What I Envision Ahead 01.26.2020 →
Published an English version of Mind Academy, as well as updated Privacy Notice and the Contact page. I would love to hear from you if you have any feedback on the website, as it is brand new. Tomorrow, I will begin develop a new course. I plan to offer the courses as physical workshops in the future. Currently, they are being created as online courses so that people can implement them from their homes. Another positive aspect with this is that they reach those who should not stay in Oslo. :-)

Update About Updating The About Audun Section 01.25.2020 →
Updated About Audun with pictures instead of text. It will be dividing into sections later, categorized in epochs of my life with different lessons learned. It took more time than expected, so I choose to prioritize it away to get the English version in place for Sunday. Will post it here as soon as more content is being released. Today I'm going to make a video where you can hear in more detail what it means to update the mental software. I notice this is something I am really passionate about. Stoked!

Slow Steady Progress Is Better Than Quick Daily Excuses 01.24.2020 →
Good news. I have posted a new video on the front page even though the English version is not yet published. Feel free to take a look. Will continue with translation today, as well as start work on creating a new About Audun section. Slow steady progress is better than quick daily excuses. The framework is starting to take shape. Creating something new is an exciting process. You raise your awareness on how it will shape as you go along. If you lie on the couch every night, that is also a habitual choice.

Progress Log 101 On Creating My Website 01.23.2020 →
It takes a little more time than planned to get the English version of the website out. I must get the privacy notice in order and a few other administrative things first. In addition to the new domain. Bet on having it ready Sunday. Then there will be a new video on the front page as well. :) The trip to Bygdøy yesterday went great. Had a paddle almost all around the whole island. Stopped by on an islet on my way back and filmed a bit. Talked to a local who recommended try fishing trout there in March.

The Joy Of Owning An Inflatable Kayak (Packraft) 01.22.2020 →
Today I am going to Bygdøy with the kayak and film material for a new video on the front page. For those who are curious to know more about it, it is a so-called Packraft. An inflatable kayak weighing just over two kilos. Brilliant toy. You can fold it up and put it in your backpack. Normally, it is inflated by a large plastic bag that is squeezed together. I have invested in a small electric pump that blows it up in less than two minutes. The plan is to be more out in the wilderness from spring and onwards.

The Three Reasons Why I Update My Website On a Daily Basis 01.21.2020 →
Why have I chosen to update the website daily? There are several good reasons for this. Number one is because I want to develop my creativity and writing skills. Number two: I want to contribute to a better society. I care and want others to feel better too. If one person change their life because of something I write, then it's worth it. And of course number three: I know the effect of regular routines. Healthy habits in everyday life that you look forward to and that you are committed to doing.

My Plans For The Upcoming Week 01.20.2020 →
New week, new possibilities. I love Mondays. For my part, I have planned to translate and publish an English version of the website this week. Release date this coming Friday. The goal is to be able to offer the online course with start-up on March 1st in both Norwegian and English language. After that, several "mental software updates" will be released in the coming months ahead of the summer. We have an exciting period ahead of us! What are you looking forward to in the time to come?

The Secret On How To Communicate With Your Higher Self 01.19.2020 →
When we communicate with different types of people, we often put on different masks. We act differently in front of the police than we do in front of a child. In the same way, you have different layers of consciousness you will need to go through to get in touch with who you truly are. The easiest way to get to know yourself is through presence (awareness/mindfulness) and meditation. As you increase your inner peace, you gain a deeper level of consciousness and communication with yourself.

Your Habits Reflects Your Quality Of Life 01.18.2020 →
Healthy habits is important in order to live a happy life. With the word habit, I don‘t only think about the practical things we do in everyday life. But also the way we think. That‘s also a habit. Some people have the habit of thinking negatively and judging others. When this becomes the default state of mind, it affects the quality of life. Are you satisfied with the way you think? This is one of the topics in the online course starting March 1th, 2020. More information will come as we get closer to release date.

How To Change Reality By The Use Of Your Imagination 01.17.2020 →
Imagination is an amazing tool. Close your eyes. Imagine a dream or a goal you have which is now fulfilled in the future. See yourself in 3rd person. Sense through your body what it feels like to be this person. Maybe you have a slightly straighter back and feel fearless. Maybe you are proud that you have finally reached your goal. When you open your eyes, bring this feeling into your everyday life. Live as if it has already happened, and you will see the reality around you start changing for the better.


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