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How To Ignite Your Life Force 10.22.2020 →
Imagine an electric lamp that is not connected to a wall outlet. No matter how many times you press the on/off-button, the light bulb won't ignite, as the lamp is not a part of the charged electric circuit. All living beings are in many ways connected to a similar invisible power unit. The difference is that we are run by life force, and not electricity. Once you start to recognize this life force in others, and become aware that you contain the exact same energy as them, you start to feel linked to everyone.

Do What Is Right For You Without Hurting Others 10.21.2020 →
As obvious as it may seem, so few of us actually live by this simple rule. Yet, it truly is the answer to everything. To do what is right for you, doesn't mean to be selfish or egoistic. Sometimes it feels good or "right" to help others. We should help when it feels good to help, however, you can't pour from an empty cup. So you need to take care of yourself first. It is an interesting irony that we hold our greatest self-worth when we act on our compassion for others. Kindness will increase your worthiness.

These Are The Memories That Made Me a Wise Soul 10.20.2020 →
Imagine Will Smith from the movie Men in Black reset your memory with a Neuralizer so that you forget everything from the past. Something similar happened not long after you were born. The first decade of your existence on earth you got a brand new mental software installed, causing you to forget the entire spirit world and your previous lives. The challenge of life is to not know your full potential yet but still make choices that lead you there. Ultimately causing your soul to evolve and expand.

Committing Suicide Is Not The Answer 10.19.2020 →
One thing that is fucked up is the amount of people who commit suicide each day. Globally, somebody dies by taking their own life every 40 seconds, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). My opinion is that many of these deaths could be prevented if people knew their true nature of who they really are. When we get entangled in the role play of life and consider it real, it sure can get to our head. You just got to see behind the curtain and understand that it's just a play.

Don't Take Anything Seriously Except The Joy of Life 10.18.2020 →
Let me tell you a secret: If you repeat a behavior without thinking about each step, eventually the pattern becomes automatic and habitual. This is the very case for our lives as well. Most people get up in the morning, rush around all day as if they know exactly who they are, and exactly what life is. They do not question the profound mystery of life and what they are doing here. Once you start to observe this role play and can see the irony in it, you start looking at the world from a different perspective.

How To Deal With Negative People In a Positive Way 10.17.2020 →
It can be quite a challenge not to get affected by negative people, especially if they are individuals you interact with regularly. Suppose your mother constantly complains, and you are on the phone with her every day. How is it possible to keep your own vibration high before, during and after the phone call? The first thing we need to be aware of, is that everything in the universe is frequency, energy and vibration. Even human beings. The reason you get hurt is because she is radiating a lower vibration.

Earth Family vs Spirit Family 10.16.2020 →
My big sister turns 40 years old today! Congratulations! High five! Looking forward to celebrate your level up later on today. Today's subject: You spirit family, the souls you spend the most time with in the spirit world between incarnations, is quite big. And is not restricted to your biological family here on earth. Which may be a reason if you feel drawn towards people outside your family. You have invisible helpers and guides as well, supporting you 24/7 through this lifespan, wanting you to succeed.

A Newborn Baby Is Not a Blank Slate 10.15.2020 →
According to blank slate theory, the mind is completely blank at birth. This is just half the truth. The characteristics and karma of the soul shaped through previous lives mixed with the inherited DNA of the family lineage and in particular the parent's DNA affects how the newborn will perceive the world. If you watch babies at a maternity ward in a hospital, this is quite noticeable. As all the newborn babies behave in different ways. Ponder this: Do you seriously believe it is the first time you are on earth?

Attain Happiness Before Growing Old 10.14.2020 →
Take a closer look on older people (65+), and you will find them in different states of being. Some stubborn, blaming their past for their current reality. While others are cool, calm and collected with a beneficial view on life. The brain is plastic, meaning it changes itself through experience. Without the ability to self assess and act on your gaps towards inner peace and happiness you start to exist in an intellectual void. You have no compass or map to know where you are or what direction you should go.

How a Dog Can Benefit Your Mental Health 10.13.2020 →
It is vital to take measures to prevent depression in times where social interaction is limited. Specially if you are not used to spending time alone. One effective life hack is to get a dog. A dog acts as a reminder for being present in the moment. Which is key if you want a happy life. They also radiant a high vibration, contributing to ground out any lower energy stuck in your body, transforming you into a higher vibrational state. They are excellent hiking partners and active listeners. Do you agree?


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