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Your Life Is Not About You 11.21.2020 →
This concept may be difficult to grasp. Your life goes through different phases. From infancy to young child. From teenager to young adult. Hopefully transforming into a mature adult. Along with these phases are the development of your consciousness. Letting go of the small self society taught you to be, becoming your true self. Some people stay in one phase of development, while others seek higher realizations. We live in a world where everything is connected. Service to others means service to self.

Unlock Your Potential 11.20.2020 →
You have the potential for greatness. What do you think is holding you back from success? What is blocking you from getting what you want? You will never reach your full potential if you are scared to fail. Failure is not the opposite of success, it's part of success. The measure of a great life is whether it matches your dream. Only you hold the key to your true potential. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. What we do in life echoes in eternity. Choose wisely.

The Saddest Thing In Life Is Wasted Talent 11.19.2020 →
We all have a variety of skills we are good at and love doing. What I have come to notice though, is that many people choose an occupation that is not aligned with what they are really passionate about. Instead of giving all they got at work, they give their least amount of effort to still have some energy left when coming home from work. What if you gradually changed your occupation to something you loved doing instead? How would your life look like if you were excited waking up in the morning?

Your Are The Story You Tell Yourself 11.18.2020 →
What limiting story are you telling yourself? Maybe it’s that you’ll never find love or that you’ll never earn a certain amount of money. Maybe it’s that you are too shy to speak in public or that you are terrible at small talk. Maybe you think you will never make a living doing what you love or that you are not smart enough to succeed. The difference between you and the people doing the thing that you’ve always wanted to do is the stories you tell yourselves. Change your storytelling. Change your life..

Adventure Is Allowing The Unexpected To Happen 11.17.2020 →
Life is an adventure. Very few people question their existence, and what the purpose of us being alive is. Imagine an insect slamming a window wanting to get out. If only it had let go of the struggle and accepted the situation as it is, it could easily spot the open window next to it and find freedom. Once you allow flow and change to occur naturally and surrender to any worldly event outside of your control, your world will change for the better. You gain inner peace and greater clarity on life.

How To Waste Your Life And Be Miserable 11.16.2020 →
If your life is too good and you want to become less happy, here are some steps you can follow to decrease your level of happiness: Isolate yourself and stop all connection with other people. Keep watching the news and take everything they say extremely seriously. If other people contact you, constantly complaint about how bad life is and remind them how bad things are going to get. Don't set any goals for your life. Avoid risk at all cost, stay in your comfort zone and just let time pass by.

The 6 Basic Human Needs 11.15.2020 →
According to Tony Robbins, we have 6 basic needs we are driven to fulfill: 1 Certainty - The need for safety, stability, security and comfort. 2 Uncertainty - The need for variety, surprise, challenges & excitement. 3 Significance - A sense of importance and worthy of love, 4 Connection - To feel connected with & loved by other human beings, 5 Growth - The need for constant emotional, intellectual and spiritual development, 6 Contribution -To give beyond ourselves, care, protect and serve others.

What Does It Mean To Be Awake? 11.14.2020 →
There are as many definitions of a word as there are people. Words are mere labels, name tags, used to describe the meaning behind a word. My definition of being awake, is that you are fully conscious and aware of your surroundings and in control of your behavior and your emotions at all times. You are self aware and don't react on autopilot on what's thrown your way. You master your own mind and know how to utilize it for your benefit in the present moment. Your body, mind and spirit are one.

What Can We Learn From Our Ancestors? 11.13.2020 →
Let's face it. Your ancestors were the real deal. Without them, you wouldn't be here today. It is not just because of our parents that we are alive. They wouldn't be here either without their parents, and the link goes backwards to the beginning of time. Our ancestors had their own struggles in terms of harvesting food and finding ways to survive. Facing the uncertainty of how long a challenging period will go on, is something we have in common. I highly recommend today's video, an 80 min. documentary.

There Is Something Positive In Every Situation 11.12.2020 →
What benefits may the Covid restrictions give you? Our old way of living was very hectic. We always had some distractions that stole our attention. Once the distractions vanish, we are forced to observe ourselves. It's a great opportunity to challenge your thoughts on what creates meaning in your life. We are so used to being distracted that we don't see that much of what we do, don't have any value. Social media, TV, video games etc. We start to see the necessity of the need to create meaning.


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