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What Is Enlightenment And How To Reach It 02.05.2020 →
The first step to enlightenment is self awareness. The key to self awareness is inner peace. Without inner peace, you will have a challenging task ahead of you achieving a spiritual awakening. As becoming conscious of one's own thoughts, feelings and unconscious actions requires inner peace. The second step is to become aware that the mental software you got installed as a kid is just a program. It is not who you truly are deep down. Just an imagined identity. Let that sink in. It might set you free.

Facts About The Rat Race And How It Affects You 02.04.2020 →
The amount of information we are bombarded with daily is enormous. I often compare everyday life to what it was like when I grew up without a smartphone and the internet. You can compare today's society with a marathon race. Where all the people try to absorb everything in fear of being left behind. Especially in the cities. It doesn't work in the long run. We are not Duracell bunnies. We are not created to operate at a high pace 24/7. When was the last time you closed your eyes and took a break?

The Benefits Of Cold Exposure, Breathwork And Mental Focus 02.03.2020 →
One process I believe may contribute to get more out of your potential is the Wim-Hof method. It is a combination of cold exposure, breathing techniques and mental focus that has been shown to strengthen the immune system, improve sports performance, reduce stress levels, cause greater cold tolerance, quicker recovery, better sleep and increased concentration to name a few. I started one year ago, and have noticed improvements in many areas. Recommend you to watch this video.

Update On The Upcoming Online Course Mind Academy 02.02.2020 →
Some info about the online course starting March 1st. "Achieve enlightenment in 4 weeks". Week 1 = Create inner peace. Week 2 = Uninstall what doesn't serve you. Week 3 = Install new mental software. Week 4 = Run new mental software. My aim for the course is to have it as down to earth and tangible as possible and still give you the results you expect. I developed the course this week and will start filming tomorrow. One thing I have been missing on my spiritual journey is this step-by-step process.

You Have Been Chasing The Wrong Dreams All Along. Here is Why 02.01.2020 →
A dream doesn't necessarily have to be a success goal in terms of financial abundance or moving to a tropical island. It might as well be an inner state of mind such as inner peace, safety or more joy and happiness in everyday life. Even enlightenment. Other dreams may be a loving, magical and stable relationship. Good health, overcoming addictive behavior. Even going to the gym twice a week might be a dream to some. New month, new possibilities. How about start chasing your dream today?

The Forgotten Attribute That Makes Human Beings Unique 01.31.2020 →
Last day of January already. One day closer to death. How are your New Year's resolutions going? Time is running away from you, one day at a time. If you do not take hold of your dreams and act on them, they will never be fulfilled. One of the traits that make human beings unique is our ability to change the future. We can consciously decide how we want it around us. We have complete freedom to create whatever we want. Set a goal. Make a plan. Act on the plan and the dream will come true.

The Mental Side Effects of Physical Exercise 01.30.2020 →
"Strong brain with an active body". That's the name of a lecture I attended yesterday with the Norwegian brain scientist and MD Ole Petter Hjelle. He presented research results how the brain is affected in relation to physical exercise. Research shows that physical activity, in addition to giving us a longer and better life, makes us more creative, improves stress management and memory, and reduces the risk of depression and dementia. 30-45 mins a week reduces the risk of depression by 40%. :-)

How To Wake Up From The Matrix 01.29.2020 →
A man who has meant a lot to me on my road to awakening is a philosopher by the name of Alan Watts. Many people live on autopilot throughout their whole life. You can compare them to unconscious robots. It is first when you become conscious and aware in the moment that you have the opportunity to train your mind stronger than your emotions, so that you no longer have to be a victim of your circumstances but can become a fearless conscious creator. Are you truly awake in this moment?

You Are NOT What You Eat, You Are What You Digest Of Knowledge 01.28.2020 →
The earbuds I use for training died last week. Went to a sport shop yesterday and bought new ones. One of the things I enjoy doing while exercising is listening to audiobooks and motivational speakers. One person I've been following for a while is Tom Bilyeu. Most known for Impact Theory on YouTube. His BEST CONTENT in my opinion is an album on Spotify: "A Life Worth Remembering (Motivational Speeches)." If you feel down, it might help you get back up. A great way to strengthen your mind.

If You Are Struggling In Life READ THIS (Life Changing) 01.27.2020 →
I think many people don‘t realize just how valuable life experience is. They only see the challenges they have gone through in life and not the lessons behind them. There is a Japanese art form called "Kintsukuroi" (or kintsugi), which means "to repair with gold". Where the pieces of broken pottery jars are glued together with gold or silver. The philosophy is that the repaired jar is both stronger and more beautiful than the original. Precisely because the vulnerability becomes visible. How about that.


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