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Fear Doesn't Exist Anywhere Except In The Mind 03.16.2020 →
A lot of people are anxious and worried about what the future will bring. This fear comes from uncertainty. We do not fear the unknown. We fear what we think we know about the unknown. Fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Way too often we think in terms of worst case scenarios. Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity. What is the best possible outcome of the situation we are facing? Have faith and trust that everything will be alright.

The Chances Of Dying Of The Corona Virus Are Slim To None 03.15.2020 →
The chances of me and you reading this, dying of the Corona virus are slim to none. As a matter of fact, we are more likely to win the lottery than to die the next couple of months. That being said, results show that the virus is more lethal than the flu. In particular for elders. What we as individuals should do to prevent the pandemic from spreading, is follow the expert's advice and not spend more time than absolutely necessary with our fellow people. I'd recommend read this article by Steve Pavlina.

Why You Don't Need To Fear Death 03.14.2020 →
My assumption is that people are afraid of the Corona-virus because they are afraid to die. The government uses fear and especially the fear of death to control us. When in fact it is the most natural thing in the world. We are all going to die. Or at least, our body will. Our soul will continue it's journey. Death is not the end of us, it is just a transition. We suffer because we are attached to life. Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to reborn and rise as a stronger and wiser version of you.

How a Strong Mind Will Benefit You Through Rough Times 03.13.2020 →
Breaking News: The Corona-virus has hit Norway with full impact. Kindergartens, schools, gyms, bars and libraries are now shut down. I went to the local supermarket yesterday, and the energy in the building was frightening. It's in times like this you will benefit a strong mind. Inner peace is the new success. Just a reminder for those of you struggling with fear and anxiety: Don't worry. This too shall pass. It's not doomsday, even though media makes it look like it. Relax and focus on the positive.

Growing Old Is Mandatory, Growing Up Is Optional 03.12.2020 →
Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. Our ageing happens automatically. Our thinking on the other hand, is under our control. Yet, most of society become so embedded in their old ways of thinking that they forget it is possible to change. Our mind is ultimately a tool. The question is, do you use the tool or does the tool use you? The only thing imprison us are our ways of thinking. Once you expand your thoughts and get your mind straight, you become free. You are unlimited potential.

How To Overcome Challenges 03.11.2020 →
Once you get an overview of life, suddenly everyday problems appear achievable. Or at least, you are able to tackle them in a different way. If you have a rough time, and all you see is the dark wall in front of you causing depression, a great tool to try is the tips mentioned in yesterday's post. Zoom out, and observe the situation from an objective viewpoint. And ask yourself the following: OK, what is the best solution for overcoming this challenge? Become aware it is just temporary. Command it to pass.

How To Change Your Perspective On Life 03.10.2020 →
A great tool to change perspective on life is to zoom out and see life from a bird's view. Imagine you are up in the clouds right now looking down at yourself. You see the environment around you, and you see your past and your future. The feeling you had in your body before you read this. Did it change? Keep looking at yourself from a bird's view, and start planning your next step. From where you are and till where you want to go in life, there is always a shortest distance. Change course accordingly.

Why Striving For Society's Expectations Is a Bad Idea 03.09.2020 →
Curiosity and playfulness are two values I held greatly when being a child. Some way along the line though, the seriousness of life took over. How is that? My interpretation is that when the majority of the people have a certain behavior, it is easy do get drawn into the slipstream. If you play the rules of life by society's expectations of you, your reality tend to become mechanical and sad. Suddenly you might wake up, and question yourself: What the bleep am I doing? Play life based on your own values.

Imagine a Life Without Worries And Zero Debt 03.08.2020 →
One of the main reasons why we suffer in life, is because we take life way too seriously. After we become an adult suddenly we are on our own, with no instructions on how to play the game of life. Fear of running out of money and fear of not having people around that support us, makes us obtain a loan we can't afford to buy things we don't need to get people's approval. "As long as I have the newest Iphone, they will accept me." Imagine a life without worries and zero debt. How does that feel?

Why Your Past Does Not Define You 03.07.2020 →
In the same way as your circumstances do not define you, the same goes with your past. Actually, anything you are able to observe is not the real you. In other words: You are not your past. You are not your thoughts. You are not your emotions. You are not your body. What you are, is the consciousness behind all of it. To truly change your life, you will need to look inwards. The answers to end all suffering are not out there. They are hidden in this present moment. In the depth of who you truly are.


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