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Do You Keep Your Word To Yourself? 03.25.2022 →
If you had known the consequence of not keeping your word, you would have stopped this habit immediately. If I for instance sign up for different gym classes, and regularly cancel my appointments just because I don't want to go, this affects my whole being. As a deeper part of me observes everything I do. By not staying committed, my self-respect and self-esteem gradually decreases, as I unconsciously start to doubt my decision-making. Do you keep your word? Or is it potential for improvement?

Every Transition In Life Requires Patience 03.23.2022 →
The loss of a loved one, moving together with a new partner, career change; These are all transitions that require patience in order to integrate the new default. The same goes when you want to upgrade your skill set in order for you to manifest a new reality. Let's say for instance, that I want to feel comfortable while standing in front of a camera or a crowd. If I have been an introvert most of my life, I then need to improve my public speaking skills and increase my confidence first. Which takes time.

Focus On What You Want, Not On What You Don't Want 03.21.2022 →
Who do I want to be? What do I want to do? How do I want to feel? These are all great questions to get your life aligned with your true self. Even though some of them may lead you in a direction where you have to evolve in order to get comfortable there, at least now you have a hint of what direction you as the soul want you to navigate. I shared some time ago that I have plans transition into creating video content. This is still a part of my journey ahead. Just a bit out of my comfort zone for now.

The Honor Of Getting a Peek Into Another Soul's Universe 03.19.2022 →
In the past, I used to judge and compare my life with others. Nowadays, I have a totally different understanding and attitude towards life in general, with a lot more curiosity and respect. I remember I observed the adults around me, and questioned if this is how my life should end up. Luckily I discovered that it’s not. If you are always trying to be normal as everyone else, you will never know how amazing you can be. No one else is you and that's your superpower. Dare to stand out. Dare to be you.

Anything You Want In Life Comes With a Price 03.17.2022 →
How much are you willing to pay, in order for you to reach your goals? What expectations do you have of yourself? How bad do you want it? Goals may not only be physical goals like financial success or a bigger home, but also mental and emotional states like inner peace, courage, and the ability to feel confident in social gatherings. Any inner goal you set for yourself will affect all areas of your life, as life is projected from the inside out. The more you're willing to sacrifice, the bigger the reward.

This World Is But a Dream, And You Are The Dreamer 03.15.2022 →
Imagine waking up in a video game, and all the sudden you become aware you have been one of the characters being played. How would you react? Would you want to continue stay trapped inside your little box, and play it safe? Or would you use your free will and step out into the world to see what it has to offer? In many ways, life is comparable to a video game or a dream. We have this one chance in this specific costume. Money may come and go, but time just goes. How do you want to spend it?

What Kind Of Memories Do You Want To Be Left With? 03.13.2022 →
Fast forward to your death bed. Looking back on life, what memories do you want to remember and share with your loved ones? That you spent your life watching TV while scrolling social media, or that you had the courage to take bold decisions, and do what felt true to you? Remember, you can learn anything you need to learn, in order to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. You only regret the chances you did not take. Live without regrets. Today is the first day in the rest of your life.

Your Life Is Not a Rehearsal 03.11.2022 →
From early age we become conditioned to see ourselves not responsible for our life. As a child, your parents were in charge. They made all your decisions. They decided what you could wear, what food to eat, what toys to play with etc. Because of this early programming, you're conditioned unconsciously that someone else is still in charge of your life. *Wake up call* You are completely responsible for your own life. You are in the driver's seat. You're responsible for your finances, health and future.

What Makes Intuition and Discipline So Special Together? 03.09.2022 →
If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. Said in a different way: If you don't have any goals, your strategy can be anything and you'll succeed at reaching your non-goals. The powerful combination of intuition and discipline allows the process to become the outcome. Your goals may vary as you head towards them. When you allow the journey to become your focus, you will always stay grounded in the now, and enjoy the present moment instead of living for the future.

A Tool To Help You Reach New Heights In Life 03.07.2022 →
From where you are to where you want to go, there is always a minimum amount of steps you can take, in order to get there. Think of your intuition like a GPS. If you head a bit off course, the GPS recalculates and adjusts its data, in order to get you in the right direction. Getting lost in life is no big deal. As soon as you recognize it, start over and set it as a discipline to get back on track. Once the momentum starts going, the journey gets effortless again. Discipline is far more efficient than motivation.

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