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Do You Know Who You Really Are? 04.14.2022 →
I came across a great text online I would love to share: Every person you meet, have a relationship with, or make eye contact on the street with, creates a different version of you in their heads. You're not the same person to your mom, your dad, your siblings, than you are to your coworkers, your neighbors or your friends. There are a thousand different versions of yourself out there, in people's minds. A 'you' exists in each version, and yet your 'you', 'yourself', isn't really a 'someone' at all.. Agree?

Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing at All 04.12.2022 →
How often do you set yourself a personal goal and actually finalize it? This is something I can highly recommend. Start small with trivial things, like going for a 30 min. walk every day for a week. And eventually stretch yourself to an 8 or 9 on the pain-scale of what you are able to go through. Don't do it for recognition or approval from others. Do it solely for your own sake, for the love of it and because you want to see it manifest. It will strengthen your confidence, self-respect and self-awareness.

My Love-Hate Relationship With Coffee 04.10.2022 →
Caffeine is probably the most accepted drug on the planet. Personally, I've been addicted to coffee more or less since 2001. I love the energy boost and enhanced attention, but the social anxiety, insomnia and restlessness is something I dislike. Three weeks ago, I asked myself: Is it worth it? And decided to quit. I went from 3 cups to 1 cup per day. And then from 14g coffee beans each day, to 13g, 12g, 11g.. all the way down to 0. New ways of seeing the world require new eyes to see them with.

Be Here Now 04.08.2022 →
Three short words. Filled with wisdom. If I were to give my younger self just one advice, it would be related to this practice. One of many reasons why we lose ourselves, is because we allow our consciousness to drift away with our thoughts. In the now, everything is as it's supposed to. Otherwise it would not have been this way. As soon as we resist the present moment and want to be anywhere else, we suffer. The present moment is all you have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life.

What Role Does Money Play in Your Life? 04.06.2022 →
Do you ever stop and question your relationship with the things you interact with daily? Take money for instance. Money is something most of us need, in order to have this human experience. If you have ever played the game of Monopoly, I view the value of money as imaginary. The true value of money doesn't exist. Its only value exists in what meaning we assign to it. It distracts us from the things that really bring our life meaning, like love, relationships, experiences, wisdom, self-worth etc.

Life is Not About Money, It's About Self-Realization 04.04.2022 →
If you believe life is about earning the most amount of money, you have been scammed. How many celebrities do you know, who have got it all, but still feel empty inside and turn to drugs? Fame and fortune only magnifies your trigger points. Money is a great tool for self-realization, but the money itself will never make you fulfilled in the long run. True wealth comes from the inside, in getting to know who you truly are. Through self-realizing, you can feel fulfilled without a penny in your pocket.

Are Your Truly Living Or Barely Surviving? 04.02.2022 →
We are not here to compare ourselves to anyone else on the planet, we are here to compare our daily actions to our own dreams. It’s our comparison to other people that stop us from living a life we're grateful for. Fill your day with challenges that inspire you. When you follow what feels true to you, you end up at places that's perfectly aligned. And magical shit starts to happen. If you mute your inner voice however, every day will be a struggle. Now, what kind of reality do you want to create?

You Can't Do Anything Wrong 03.31.2022 →
One reason why we hesitate on our decisions and withdrawn from life, is because we are afraid of making errors. Most likely learnt through taking tests and exams at school. If you get a good grade you pass, if a bad grade you are stupid. I remember showing up at martial arts classes, trying to prove myself how good I am, despite the fact that I had no experience at all. The pressure I put on myself was relentless. If your intention is to live a rich life, let go of the idea that you're always going to win.

The Key Is To Learn From "Failures", And Then Keep Going 03.29.2022 →
If life was a video game, you would have to go through challenges and learn from your experience in order to level up. If you feel stuck or that life has stagnated, consider if it's time to level up. Imagine living without being afraid of taking risks while exploring life. Set an intention to upgrade to this standard. Don't wait. Life disappears faster than you think. Being stuck is like staying freely in a corner, knowing deep within that you're ready to grow, while being too stubborn to act on the feeling.

Don't Grow Up, It's a Trap 03.27.2022 →
This is a topic that quickly can be misinterpreted and perceived as judgmental, as there's a lot of ingrained beliefs around it. Allow me to express my opinion, without judging it. Like a seed, see how it affects you: There is a difference between maturity and being an adult. When in the role of an adult you take yourself and life very seriously. Spontaneity and playfulness are not a part of the adult-role. Everything has to be planned in advance. Is this true? Or is our identification with the self an illusion?

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