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Do Not Limit Yourself To Who You Think You Are 11.07.2021 →
People often define themselves by what they do for a living and identify with their job title. This is not who you are. This is just an activity you have decided to spend time doing. Do you appreciate your current work? Does it inspire you to get up in the morning? When thinking about going to work, does the feeling expand or contract you? You were not born to waste time on a misaligned job and then die. It’s the feeling the work gives you that matters. Not the reputation the job title gives you.

What If People Considered You Crazy? 11.05.2021 →
I remember rumors of a man people considered crazy. One activity this man loved, was to sit on his roof top with binoculars and read comic books lying beneath him on the gras. Each time he finished a page, he climbed down the ladder, turned the page, and climbed back up again and read the next page. Was this man crazy? It depends who is asking. He allowed himself a unique experience no one else dared to do. Where in your life are you limiting yourself, by not acting on what feels exciting?

Are You Worrying Yourself To Death? 11.03.2021 →
Imagine you want to try a new fitness gym, but you are afraid to embarrass yourself in public. Worry is the number one killer of dreams and achievement, of energy and vitality, and lifestyle. It is through challenging our comfort zone we grow. Suppose you put all the saved energy, emotion and strength you wasted worrying about what might go wrong into your action plan for a better life instead? Where your attention goes energy flows. If you think you can, you will. If you think you can't, you won't.

Let's Talk About Death 11.01.2021 →
Has it really dropped in for you that you one day are going to die? That's guaranteed. You know we will all die one day, right? Have you acknowledged that? That you are only here for a short time? Not a long time? If you really realize you are going to die, that changes everything. My conclusion on the concept of death is that it’s all an illusion. I believe in the death of the ego, the identity we perceive to be. If you manage to let go of the attachment of the ego before your physical death, you are free.

You Got The Whole World At Your Disposal 10.30.2021 →
The intellect can be used to become more conscious or more unconscious. The reason why I sold my television 1,5 years ago, is because I want to become more conscious. I don’t want to drift through life without exploring the big questions: Who am I really? Why am I here? What’s the purpose of life? I consider researching a way to prepare myself for my old age. I don't want to die with questions still inside of me. A great resource for books is Where you can download books for free.

Spirituality Is About Becoming One With Everything 10.28.2021 →
The only thing that separates us from each other is our perception. Everyone is unique in their own way, but dive below the surface, and you will recognize yourself in everyone. When I write these words, I'm not writing to someone separate than me. I share these words with myself. I don't consider you a stranger. I consider us one & the same. When you start to see yourself in another as the one infinite energy, you will find unconditional love. It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

How To End The Feeling Of Loneliness 10.26.2021 →
Speaking from experience: It's most definitely possible to live alone without feeling lonely. Let's examine the word "alone". If we are a bit creative, the word "alone" can easily be split into two separate words: "All one". OK, let's be even more creative now, and expand that idea further. Imagine that you suddenly forgot your name. And that everyone else forgot their names as well. For the fun of it: Let's remove the cultural conditioning we have been taught since human birth as well. What is left?

I Would Rather Have One Best Friend Than No Friends At All 10.24.2021 →
Something that's become popular these days, is to share videos on YouTube, expressing one has no friends. Having lived by myself since the age of 16, I can totally relate to what is being shared. What I have figured out though, is that friends come and go. Some may move, others may die. While some just drift away. If you become your own best friend however, you will have a best friend for life. I consider myself my best friend. I even have a gold ring on my finger with my birth date engraved.

Who Do You Want To Be When You Grow Old? 10.22.2021 →
There is a thin line between a wealthy man and a homeless person living on the street. Nearly all the people I've interacted with on the streets have once had a family and a decent job with a well paid income. Surrounding yourself with the wrong people, not being aware how they influence you, is all that is needed in order for you to fuck up your life. Be careful who you spend time with, and you won't end up someone you don't want to be. Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

Are You Avoiding Being With Yourself? 10.20.2021 →
For years I was disconnected from my physical body. I genuinely believed my body was not a safe place to stay, so I avoided myself at all costs by directing my attention outward. I escaped the present moment through outer distractions like movies, video games, music and by staying busy. I also controlled my emotions with alcohol, tobacco and Coca-Cola. Suppressing one's emotions is a common way to live. Unfortunately this makes us unable to notice the power we have within ourselves.

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